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Rio. Zoo, Restaurant, Downtown.

Sergey Dolya • 5 minutes read • March 21st, 2016
In this post you'll read about a poor zoo and about lonely and cold beach. Also you'll see some photos from modern Downtown and feel the seafood taste in the South America's best restaurant. No place for jokes!

This day I wanted to assault the Sugarloaf Mountain. But the weather didn't favor to me. It was raining and the mount's top hid behind the clouds. Apparently, I should come to

Rio De Janeiro

one more time...

Instead of funicular I went to the local zoo. Our guide, as usual, assured us that there was the best zoo in Rio with a lot of exotic animals, which we had not seen before. This time he deceived me. The zoo turned out to be middling and small.

Severe guardian protects the entrance:
Animals are hidden behind the tight wiring and kept not in the best conditions:
'Exotic' was represented by a lion, tiger, leopard and bear:
Parrots and other birds are well-represented:
From more or less interesting photos I can point out monkey and raccoon:
I liked the styled phone box:
After visiting the zoo we moved to Downtown. It is absolutely uninteresting - only big boring buildings:
Find a church on this photo:
Instead of beggars and gypsies, who usually leech to the drivers standing at the traffic lights in our country, we saw a juggler's performance:
Suburban railway station:
From Downtown we moved to the neighboring with


beach -


. Here is the highest cost of accommodation in Brazil - $ 3,000 for 1 square meter. I should move here immediately:
You can see Corcovado mount and Jesus Christ statue from many places: 
There are a lot of football playgrounds in the city. I've never seen even one of them to be empty. Football is truly the national sport. It is said that 9 million footballers live in Rio, while the population of Rio is 9 million people:
Because of  bad weather, the beach was empty and only lonely ice swimmers were fighting the waves:
Strange sculptures were transported along the coastal road:
The most popular disco for the foreigners is located at the seafront:
The locals build  sand castles and allow to take photo with them for a price:
This one I've made for free. That's why you can't see Santa's face on the photo:
Before the boarding, we visited the best fish restaurant I had ever been to. I ate here during my last visit six years ago and had a pleasure to visit it this time as well. The restaurant is located at the very end of Copacabana from the Sugarloaf's side and called "Mario's".
The system is following: you pay a fixed price and get unlimited access to the salad bar. In addition, waiters constantly bring into the hall dishes with freshly prepared seafood dainties, from oysters baked with onion to succulent lobsters and crabs. You can eat as much as you want...
Table with oysters. Access to it is unrestricted:
In order not to allow you to take what you did not mange to eat with you, all the bags are tied to chairs until the bill is paid:
Urinals were like iron bowls filled with ice. I was pleased with napkins on the wall - this was the first time I met such kind of service in the men's room:
Gorged ourselves on all those yummy, we rolled out of the restaurant and hardly managed to reach our ship. Our voyage begins!
Author: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Gian Luka

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