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Roatan, Honduras

Roatán is one of the Honduras Bay Islands in the Caribbean Sea.

The island of Roatan is located 30 miles off the north coast of Honduras atop the worlds second largest coral reef. The reef attracts much fish and is world known for scuba diving. 


is the largest of the Bay Islands at about 77 kilometers (48 mi) long, and less than 8 kilometers (5.0 mi) at its widest. The island has a number of beaches, all of which are public. Originally an English colony, and later ceded to Honduras, Roatan has a mixture of English and Spanish speaking natives. With two cruise ship ports, Roatan has become a cruise destination, and roads and beaches can be busy when ships are in port. Prices for services may be higher when a ship is in. In... Read more

Roatan, Honduras


Roatán is one of the Honduras Bay Islands in the Caribbean Sea.

The island of Roatan is located 30 miles off the north coast of Honduras atop the worlds second largest coral reef. The reef attracts much fish and is world known for scuba diving. 


is the largest of the Bay Islands at about 77 kilometers (48 mi) long, and less than 8 kilometers (5.0 mi) at its widest. The island has a number of beaches, all of which are public. Originally an English colony, and later ceded to Honduras, Roatan has a mixture of English and Spanish speaking natives. With two cruise ship ports, Roatan has become a cruise destination, and roads and beaches can be busy when ships are in port. Prices for services may be higher when a ship is in. In recent years the island has experienced a lot of development and has a number of resorts along with more rustic accommodation as well. The western side of the island is the most populated and where most tourists stay, and the eastern side is more remote and isolated. Roatan has a warm climate with daytime temperatures between 80-90 year round.


  • West Bay - is the furthest-west area of the island, has some good restaurants and places to stay, and several large resorts have been built on the beach. It's arguably the best stretch of beach in the western portion of the island - powder-white sand that is very well maintained. The reef is a short swim away for excellent snorkeling, especially near the west-most tip, also known as Tabyana Beach. West Bay is also home to some of the best sunsets. It is recommended to spend beach time in the West Bay and bar time in the West End.
  • West End - has some good restaurants and places to stay, and it is definitely the most fun town on the island. There are bars, restaurants, live music, right on the Caribbean. There are also a multitude of dive shops, if you are interested in learning to dive, or would like to do some fun dives as a certified diver.
  • Sandy Bay- a mostly residential area, Sandy Bay also has a few resorts, such as Anthony's Key Resort, where you can swim with dolphins, as well as a hostel, Roatan Backpackers' Hostel. There are also a few restaurants such as The Blue Parrot, The Beach Grill at Blue Bahia, and Tranquil Seas. Octopus Divers is in Sandy Bay, if you're staying in the area and would like to do diving. The Carambola Gardens is located in Sandy Bay as well. If you are interested in doing volunteer work on the island, there are several non-profits in Sandy Bay, such as Clinica Esperanza, Care Communities, and the SandCastle Library. The Sandy Bay beach gives easy access to beautiful snorkeling, which is about a 200-meter swim from shore.
  • Coxen Hole

    - is where the airport is located, and most of life's necessities can be found here, including stores, restaurants, and banks.
  • French Harbor - has some good restaurants and resorts and most tourists do not venture further east than French Harbor, which is at roughly the midpoint of the island. Past this point are a few newer beach resorts, resort communities, and some private towns with beaches and resorts. Many of the resorts, restaurants, and bars on this part of the island were in the past a secret of locals and expats but with the west end becoming more crowded the secret is out and more tourist is finding their way to the east end of the island. One point of interest would be Jonesville and the infamous Hole in the Wall restaurant reached by taking a small water taxi from Jonesville to reach it. Another is Camp Bay Beach Adventure Lodge and the Tasty Tarpon Restaurant located on Camp Bay Beach the largest of all the beaches of the Bay Islands and can be accessed by car or boat.
  • Punta Gorda - Fishing community of the Garifuna.
  • Oak Ridge Fishing community with few roads, and buildings on stilts over the water.
  • Camp Bay - is further on from Oak Ridge about 4.5 miles and home to the largest natural beach on all the Bay Islands - Camp Bay Beach, which you can gain free access to at a couple of different locations and has a small beachfront resort and restaurant: Camp Bay Beach Adventure Lodge. Camp Bay is about the furthest you can go in a car. Past Camp Bay are the mangroves which are quite beautiful when navigated by boat and kayak. There are many tours through the mangroves which can be chartered from various points on the island.
  • Port Royal Small community, originally founded by English pirates.

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Roatan, Honduras: Port Information

The island is visited by a number of cruise lines, such as Carnival, Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Lines.

There are two cruise ship ports, Port of Roatan in Coxen Hole, and Mahogany Bay outside of French Harbor.
Mahogany Bay has an onsite beach, shops, and activities such as zipline, so cruise visitors don't have to experience the rest of the island. The beach is nice and the setting amazingly surreal, with 2 rusting shipwrecks within view.
Coxen Hole has a cruise terminal with good facilities including a bank, dining venues, a duty-free store, and others.

Get around Roatan, Honduras


has a system of paved roads connecting the most important communities of the Island. From the Western End of the Island, at the community of West Bay, the road leads through West End, Sandy Bay, Coxen Hole, Brick Bay, Mount Pleasant, French Harbour and Oakridge - Punta Gorda after which it becomes a dirt road and continues east for a distance, to the area of Paya Bay, Camp Bay, Port Royal, and other eastern communities.


Buses run every 15 min between Coxen Hole and West End during the day. They depart from opposite the market in Coxen Hole. Buses run every hour to Oak Ridge, stopping at the new ferry terminal and passing through French Harbour, Polly Tilly Bight, and Punta Gorda on the way. These buses leave from opposite the HB Warren supermarket in Coxen Hole.


There are hundreds of taxis and they can be bargained with. But ask the price in advance and if it seems high, ask another. Even if you agree on the price make sure you have the exact amount of the fare as some corrupt taxi drivers do not give back your change. Many taxies are "colectivo" or shared and will be stopping along the way. Prices from the airport are fixed during the day and negotiable at night. Tipping is not expected by drivers. If you are looking for contact details for a reputable taxi driver during your stay, the Roatan taxi directory is a community contributed list of drivers with ratings from other travelers. Taking a taxi with a reliable driver is highly recommended.

Water Taxi

There are water taxis during daylight that link West Bay and West End. Wait on the end of a dock, and flag them down.


Renting scooters is an efficient way to see different areas of the island. The rental agencies will happily provide you with detailed maps and explanations on how to best see the island. Scooter rentals can be found on the main road in West End and West Bay. As a guarantee against accidents agencies will want to swipe your credit card. Be careful as the roads have no shoulder and local drivers stop in the middle of the road and may pass on curves. Expect poor road quality with potholes. Speed bumpers are also abound.

What to see in Roatan, Honduras

  • Carambola Gardens
  • Caves of Helene, explore the caves.
  • Dolphin show, at Anthony's Key Resort.
  • East end, if you are up for an adventure, visit the east end of the island past Oak Ridge to Camp Bay Beach the largest of all the Bay Island beaches. The road changes from pavement to dirt/gravel mix and continues on to Punta Blanca and Camp Bay. A 4x4 vehicle is not required for the journey and you'll see many driving compact cars and scooters. This end of the island is home to many locals and some expats, as well as a few resorts. One that needs to be mentioned, is Camp Bay Beach Beach Adventure Lodge which is the only resort on Camp Bay Beach. It is also the home of the Tasty Tarpon restaurant and a place to gain free access to the beach with free parking and a depot for your east end adventure from snorkeling/ diving to fly fishing and Mangrove Forest boat or kayak tours. There are a few other interesting stops along the way such as Marble Hill Farms where wonderful local jams & jellies are made. Asylum bar & grill is on a palapa literally over the calm waters in Camp Bay which can sometimes feel like the restaurant at the end of the universe after the long journey of getting there. Luckily these places always have beer on ice and grilled food which makes the trip worth it. If you're looking to get off the beaten path and out of the tourist-ridden West End, this is it.
  • Garifuna Village Tour, in Punta Gorda
  • Iguana Farm, near French Harbor.
  • Mangrove Forest Kayak tour, at Camp Bay Beach Adventure Lodge
  • Marine Science Museum, at Anthony's Key Resort.
  • Oak Ridge, is a small village on the eastern end of the island. On arrival, you'll be offered water-taxi tours to the Hole-in-the-Wall restaurant, neighboring communities, and around the harbor, but it's also pleasant to walk through the village, which has many brightly colored wooden houses on stilts along the shore.
  • Pigeon Cayes, Two small deserted islands.
  • Punta Gorda, renting a scooter and driving to Punta Gorda takes about 1 hr each way, and goes through some beautiful countryside. It can be nice to get away from the touristy areas and get back into places that look and feel like Honduras. The town of Punta Gorda is friendly and you may run into a beach party if you are lucky.
  • Roatan Butterfly Garden
  • Whites Beach, is supposed to be beautiful.
  • Marine Park. The marine park is a protected area of reef stretching from West Bay to Sandy Bay and snorkeling and diving are good ways to see the marine life. Go out in a kayak, a boat, or just swim out from the shore. The reef is less than 100m from shore in many locations.  
  • Saint Helene. Santa Helena located in Roatan's municipal of Santos Guardiola is a small secluded island 12 miles further east of Roatan. This one mile by two mile island is sparsely populated with indigenous people that still live life as it was in the 'Old Caribbean', unspoiled and uncommercialized from tourist-related development, without electricity or government subsidized infrastructure. St. Helene is the epitome of a 'sleepy little fishing village'. 

What to do in Roatan, Honduras

  • Arches Iguana Farm, French Harbour.  


Roatan is known for its Scuba Diving. There are many dive shops all over the island, but the majority are located on the west side.

  • Coconut Tree Divers (Coconut Tree), Half Moon Bay, West End (Turn left at West End roundabout, shop is immediately on your left.), ☎ +504 2445-4081 ( 8 AM-5 PM. The only PADI Career Development Center in Roatan. The shop offers 4 daily dives: the morning boat leaves at 9 AM for 2 dives and returns at around 12:30 PM. The afternoon dives go out at 1 PM and 2.30 PM respectively. Night dives are available every Tues & Thurs. The shop's 2nd boat, Wish-U- Were-Here, is dedicated for cruise ship visitors on various cruise ship schedules. 1 day experience program, PADI Discover Scuba Diving, for those who want to try scuba diving for the first time; inc. basic theory in the classroom, a short session in shallow confined water, followed by a 45-60 min dive in the afternoon. Friendly, experienced staff. Nitrox and Trimix are available. Snorkelers welcome. 
  • Roatan Divers (Roatan Divers), West End (Next to Lighthouse restaurant.), ☎ +504 9947 5611 ( 8 AM-5 PM. PADI 5 star certified dive center in West End. Smallest groups, with new equipment and experienced multilingual staff. 3 daily dives, starting at 9.00, 11.30 and 14.30, night dives on request. Prices include all dive rental equipment. All PADI, from Open water to professional level. Fast boats will get you to the dive sites faster, meaning less time on board, with more time in the water. Private dock, making boarding a breeze, and a hot shower after diving.
  • Tyll's Dive (Tyll's Dive Shop), West End (When you enter into West End turn left and we are across the street from The Blue Marlin (formerly known as Purple Turtle)), ☎ +504 9698 0416. 9 AM-5 PM. Scuba divers with a small family atmosphere. Caters to small groups of 8 or less. Offers 3 dives a day starting at 9 AM, 11 AM. and 2 PM, six days a week, Sundays and night dive upon request. Prices include all dive rental equipment. Small dive classes are offered from Open Water to Dive Master. 1 on 1 dive instruction available, Crowd free diving, multi-lingual staff. All the dive Instructors are PADI Certified as well as emergency first aid responders.
  • Quality Time Divers (Quality Time Divers), West End, ☎ +504 2445 4182. 8 AM-6 PM. Private scuba diving charters. Customers pick the dive times and locations of their dives. Honduran owned and operated. 
  • Barefoot Divers (Barefoot Divers), Brick Bay (Located mid-way between Coxen Hole and French Harbour, on the south side of the road, just east of the Coca-Cola distributor, less than 10 minutes from the Mahogany Bay cruise ship port), ☎ 1-866-246-3706. 8 am to 4 pm. Valet diving, where we do the work, and you have the fun. Dives depart at 8:30, 10:30 and 2 pm daily, night dives on request. PADI 5 Star IDC Center offering all levels of instruction including professional level. Green DM internships offered, with a focus on marine conservation.  
  • Splash Inn Dive Shop (Splash Inn Dive Shop), Main Street, West End (In the center of West End on the Main Road, across the street and slightly past Tong's Thai Island Cuisine when coming from the roundabout.), ☎ (+504) 9626-7919 ( 7 AM to 9:30 PM. PADI certified dive shop located in the center of West End. The provides 3 daily dives and night dives upon request. Services 40 dive sites with 3 of their own high-speed boats. They offer many diving and diving combination packages with their affiliate restaurant for walk-in divers and divers who stay as guests at their hotel. 

Fishing/Boat Charters

The fishing is good just off the reef in Roatan. Marlin, Barracuda, Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and much more can be caught in these waters.

There are great snorkeling and diving to be found here and many dive shops to go out with and some people like to dive with the Dolphins at Anthony's Key

If you are a good swimmer and keep an eye out for motorboats, you can swim straight out from west end towards the white buoys for about 200 m, you will arrive at a 10-30 ft deep reef that is great for snorkeling and freediving. Slightly further out the reef gets much deeper and you hit the wall.

  • Bahia Watersports, West End (between ronnies and luna beach), ☎ +504 9994-5308 (US:+1 281 249-5712). 42' Hatteras Sportfish for charter. Deep sea fishing, diving, snorkeling, or take a trip to a nearby island like Utila or Cayos Cochinos. This boat has good penn reels and fighting chairs and the interior is fitted with couches, flat screen TV, dvd player, kitchen, bathroom. Also available for overnight charters.  
  • Cool Running Tours. Local fisherman providing fishing charter, snorkeling, or an island tour by boat  
  • Fly-Fish. with Pescado Roatan, bonefish and permit on the fly 
  • Blue Rock Vacations. 4-hour, 8-hour chartered sailing with Captain John and Debbie on a 42ft Whitby Ketch, Sweet Surrender. 


You can walk along the beach to West Bay from West End in about 45 min and can take a water taxi back if you like. They seem to stop running around sunset unfortunately, so make sure to catch them before it is too late. Parts of this walk are remote, so it's best to travel in a group.

Horseback riding

  • Shirkie's Barrio Dorcas Ranch, Horseback riding on the beach at West End.


  • Submarine Dive (Half Mile Dive), Half Moon Bay, West End, ☎ +504 3359-2887. Karl Stanley has been designing, building, and piloting deep sea submersibles for over 20 years. He has logged over 1,300 dives and can take you to depths of 2,000 feet. Strives to provide cost-effective, direct access to the deep water for anyone who wishes to explore those depths. Tours from 1,000 feet to 2,000 feet for 1.5-4 hr. His operation is the cheapest submersible tourist operation in the world. You can visit the website for more details on trips and prices.
  • Roatan Island Tour Plus, Sandy Bay (Sandy Bay), ☎ 011 504 3236-7210. all day. Private tours of Roatan. Explore the island, enjoy jungle canopy zipline rides, wildlife farms, scuba diving, snorkeling, and native village experiences.  
  • Kayak trips around the Island and through the mangroves on the east end of the island.
  • Zipline, Roatan has 4 zipline jungle canopy tour adventures
  • Black Pearl Golf Course, 18 hole golf course designed by Pete Dye. 

What to eat and drink in Roatan, Honduras


There are many great places to eat on Roatan, with the highest concentration of restaurants located in West End and West Bay. You can find traditional island food as well as delicious "North American" offerings, and seafood abounds - you can find top quality lobster for dinner.

  • Asylum (La Sirena), Camp Bay Beach (Far northeastern end of the island past the main paved road), ☎ +504 3320-6004 ( 9 AM-9 PM or whenever the drinking stops. A Beach Bar on the end of a 40 ft dock stretching into the waters. Offer fishing trips on the Cayuca boat. Reef snorkel a few hundred meters from the dock, bring your own snorkeling gear or rent a package. Camp on the beaches of Asylum for free with your own equipment or rent a camping package. Local residents of Roatan can utilize the camping packages for free. Asylum's Mermaid Grill will cook any fish you catch and prepare a meal for you. moderate.  
  • The Beach Club San Simon, West Bay, Roatan (Between La Sirenas + Mayan Princess), ☎ +504 445 5140. 10 AM-10 PM. Lounge style feel with changing rooms, showers, and beach beds. Free wifi. Moderate. 
  • Cafe Escondido, West End (Above West End Divers). Fresh daily specials and a small menu of sandwiches, rice bowls, and more. Second-floor deck overlooks the sea.  
  • Dix Halfway Inn, West End (Behind baptist church in Halfmoon Bay). Best location in West End with the ocean on both sides and an amazing view. Seafood is exceptional with experienced chefs. Ceviche is one of the best ones on the island. You don't want to miss the Jerk Wings and the Philly Cheesesteak if you are looking for different options. 
  • Gio's, French Harbor. One of the nicer dining experiences on the island. It's a longtime mainstay for expats and islanders who can afford to dine out. Seafood is the specialty of course.
  • Hangover Hut (Burger Bar &amp Grill), Bananarama Drive, ☎ 504 9716-7287. 12:00 pm -10 pm. Serving real USDA Home-made half-pound Burgers, and the only place to get real Poutine. Philly Cheese Chicken, home-made fries, Chicken and Pork Wraps, Beer and Cocktails. Comfort Food. Hangover Cures. Free WiFi for all customers. Only a 2-minute walk from beautiful West Bay Beach. 
  • Hole in the Wall, via Jonesville (You must take a small water taxi from Jonesville). All-you-can-eat lobster and steak on Sun and Wed. This restaurant is a hidden gem on the island. It is very popular with the people who own vacation homes on the island. It is low-key and has some of the best food offered on the island  
  • JavaVine Cafe & Wine Bar (Internet Cafe, Wine Bar & Lounge), West Bay Beach Mall (formerly Cool Beans Coffee House), ☎ 504 2445-5048. 7:30 am -10 pm. Serving some of the best coffee and coldest beer on Roatan. Pastries, sandwiches, pizza, and tapas in a relaxed, chill atmosphere with soothing tunes. Fully licensed, with a large selection of wine and spirits. Free WiFi for all customers. Only a 2-minute walk from beautiful West Bay Beach. 
  • Ooloonthoo Restaurant, Mangrove Bight (Main road outside West End), ☎ +504 9936-5223. 6-9 PM. The only Indian restaurant in Honduras. World class progressive Indian cuisine. A/C dining and year round sunset views. 
  • Roatan Rum Company, Rum Point (Main road half way between West End and West Bay). Offering visitors complimentary Rum Cake treats while overlooking the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean from high atop "Rum Point" at The Rum Runners Bar and Patio hang'in with Captain Jack the resident Pirate. Rum everything is their motto Original Roatan Rum Cake, Rum inspired Sweet Treasures and a Rum Infused Hot & BBQ sauces featuring the “Saucy Girls". Free Samples in the Gift Shop. Complimentary Pirate Hats and Swords for the "Wackiest" photo ops in Paradise.  


Roatan boasts a wide array of experiences for night life depending on your taste. Since the arrival of cruise ships, prices have risen somewhat and restaurants and bars cater to cruise passengers as well as North American and European tourists. These types of establishments are relatively easy to find as they are mostly located in and around the West End. Prices here are generally higher than in most other places on the island.

The best part about drinking in the west end is the pub crawl that occurs almost every night. It's virtually mandatory to start at Sundowners and enjoy drinks whilst watching the sun go down over the beautiful bay in front. When Sundowners shuts at 10 PM the whole bar shifts about 50 m down the street to kick on at the Purple Turtle where you can enjoy live music out the back. The Purple Turtle closes at midnight and from here most people continue on to the Nova Bar or the Twisted Toucan's will be the joint to party at and where you will meet most of the locals in the region this being a favorite haunt. Most people go home from here but if you really are feeling like an adventure grab a group of friends and head down the beach to FuBar.

  • Blue Marlin. Until midnight. Look out the back for live music.  
  • Booty Bar, (across from Eagle Ray's). Until late. Caribbean Pirate themed bar. A mix of locals, expats, and tourists. Great sunsets. Happy Hour 5PM-9PM every day.
  • Foster's. Until late. DJ. Good on Fridays.  
  • Hip Hop. Until late. Local outdoor dance club on the hill. Mostly a younger crowd and night owls. Outdoor club on the hill. Plays mostly Reggaeton. Cheap local beer and liquor served in red plastic cups. Outhouse style bathrooms with toilets.  
  • JavaVine Cafe & Wine Bar (Internet Cafe, Wine Bar & Lounge), West Bay Beach Mall (formerly Cool Beans Coffee House), ☎ 504 2445-5048. 7:30 am -10 pm. Serving some of the best coffee and coldest beer on Roatan. Pastries, sandwiches, pizza, and tapas in a relaxed, chill atmosphere with soothing tunes. Fully licensed, with a large selection of wine and spirits. Free WiFi for all customers. Only a 2-minute walk from beautiful West Bay Beach. 
  • La Sirena, Camp Bay Beach (In Asylum). Sunday barbecue with cold beer. A palapa bar/restaurant built over the water, good if you are on the less populated east end of the island.  
  • The Landing, The Beach House, West End (Upstairs at The Beach House, Half Moon Bay), ☎ +504 99 71 71 46. 12 midday - 10 pm. The Landing @ The Beach House, West End (Upstairs at The Beach House, Half Moon Bay), ☎ + 504 99 71 Beachfront deck with unbeatable views over Half Moon Bay, The Landing serves up fresh tapas and ceviche with decadent, creative cocktails in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. All Day Fresh Fruit Smoothie Menu. The Deck Screenings are held every Monday with an emphasis on documentary and non-mainstream films. Wifi is Free. Open 12 midday - 10 pm Monday to Saturday. 
  • Nova Bar. Until late. Haunt of locals who stay out late.  
  • Sundowners. Until 10 PM. Good place to start the night. 
  • Turtle Shack Cafe (Turtlegrass), Calabash Bight (east of Oak Ridge), ☎ +504 89507588. A water access only restaurant on the largest bay on Roatan. Seafood gumbo to cheeseburgers, cold Honduran beer and fruity island drinks. Boat transportation provided from Oak Ridge. Also a great stop for those on the mangrove tour. 
  • The Thirsty Turtle, West Bay (Bananarama). Beachfront Bar on West Bay Beach. At night they have live music, crab races, and other activities. Good place to grab a beer and drink it in the sea. 

Shopping in Roatan, Honduras

The local currency is the Lempira, but US dollars are accepted in almost all shops and restaurants, however, your change is mostly given in Honduran Lempiras, and the exchange rate varies from in each shop.

Local handicrafts abound and can be had for very little money. Look for Central American arts and crafts, brightly-painted pottery, wood carvings, costume jewelry, tee-shirts, cigars, and clothing. Remember that the asking price should only be considered a jumping-off point for some downward haggling. It's expected and if you have the stomach for it, you'll likely end up with a final price somewhere around 40-50% lower.

West End has many gift shops. There are many tourist shops where you can buy t-shirts, hats, swim-ware, etc.
  • Beach Kind Boutique, West End (Downstairs @ The Beach House, Half Moon Bay), ☎ +504 99 71 71 46. 10 am - 10 pm. Bikinis, Beach Bags, Beach Towels, All things beach. 
  • Waves of Art, West End (Turn left at the roundabout 100m on your left), ☎ +504 2445-4093. Art gallery featuring paintings, photography, and crafts from local artists. 
If you're in West Bay, there are also shopping options available.
  • So Tropic, West Bay Beach Mall. 9 AM - 7 PM. Gift shop with all your vacation needs - T-shirts, bikinis, beach wraps, towels, sunglasses, hats, local souvenirs, etc. Just two minutes from the West Bay beach.  

Safety in Roatan, Honduras

Use common sense at all times and be aware of your surroundings. Foreigners are sometimes robbed on the streets.

If you are the victim of a crime you should exercise caution when contacting local police, as there is much corruption present in the national police forces. If the crime is not serious, such as robbery, it is best to not contact the police.

Remember to never use the water out of the tap, unless you are certain it is safe. Use bottled water to brush teeth and drink.

Malaria occurs in Roatán and other Bay Islands.

It is not recommended to buy much food in the streets (people who are selling food just by the sidewalk).

If hiking or spending significant time in the great outdoors, be prepared for a wide range of natural threats and nuisances including snakes, spiders, scorpions, mosquitoes, and ticks. On the upswing, however, you can actually pick fruit such as mangos, oranges, lemons, and starfruit right off the trees.

After your stay in Honduras, as with other countries which have parasite risks in the water supply, it is wise to consult a doctor and request an anti-parasite medicine such as Albendazole, Mebendazole, or Praziquantel.

Language spoken in Roatan, Honduras

English, Spanish, Garifuna.

English is widely spoken, especially in the West End and West Bay communities and is the native language of many Roatanians of British and African descent (except for the Garifuna). Spanish is spoken natively by most residents and is the second language of many of the native English speakers. Spanish is the official language of Honduras and as such is the primary language of the school system. Garifuna is spoken by the Garifuna people who are descendants of the Kalipuna peoples of St. Vincent. There is also 'Island Talk' spoken by the native Caribbean people.

Many individuals living in Roatan are bilingual (English/Spanish).


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Coxen Hole, also called Roatan Town, is the largest city on the island of Roatán and the capital of the Bay Islands department of Honduras. It is...
© <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Sheila Sund/Flickr</a>/<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">CC BY 2.0</a> Butterfly Garden, Roatan, Honduras
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The lovely Butterfly Garden is a place to admire these beautiful insects. Butterflies of all colors and sizes live in their natural habitat, and the...

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Honduras. Roatan Island

Recently, I was reading about crime rates in different countries. It turned out that a short time ago, I had visited (without even knowing) the most crime-ridden country in the world . . .  Honduras . Good thing that I did not know it during my visit because can you imagine how scared...

When you visit  Honduras during your cruise, I advise you to take a tour! The ship is anchored in a bay surrounded by forests, and nothing is nearby except a beach, which can be reached by cableway. We took the tour called the "Botanical Garden, Butterfly Farm." The rest of the proposed...
Honduras is a state in Central America. Its capital is Tegucigalpa. It borders Nicaragua on the Southeast, El Salvador to the southwest and Guatemala to the West.  Roatan is an island in the Bay of Honduras, where our liner (Carnival Glory) docked. Its length is 60000 meters (60 km...
Today we visited the island of  Roatan  in the Northern Honduras. We sailed to  Roatan  early at dawn. Local time was only 6 am, the time on the ship (EST) was 7 am. The ship successfully docked to the pier, and we went to explore the surroundings. We booked a...

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