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Rockland Harbor Breakwater Light

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Rockland Harbor Breakwater Light, which sits at the south end of a 4,300-foot (1,300 m) breakwater which protects Rockland Harbor, was completed in 1902 and is owned by the City of Rockland, Maine.

The first light was an oil lamp placed in 1827 on a wooden tripod on Jameson Point, at the north end of the current breakwater. When the work was begun on the breakwater in 1881, the pole was relocated as the breakwater was extended SSE into the harbor. It was completed in 1899 and the present light and keepers' structure was finished in 1902. From 1973 to 1989 the Samoset Resort, located on Jameson Point, at the other end of the breakwater, maintained the lighthouse. The Coast Guard did a major refurbishment in 1990 and, in 1999, transferred ownership of the structure to the City of Rockland. Since then building has been maintained by volunteers, while the light itself remains the responsibility of the Coast Guard. In 2003 a float and boat ramp was added.

The light was added to the National Register of Historic Places as Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse on March 20, 1981.


  • Eba Ring (caretaker of earlier beacon, 1888?-?)
  • Llewelyn C. Ames (caretaker of earlier beacon, c. 1895-1902)
  • Howard P. Robbins (1902–1909)
  • Clifford M. Robbins (assistant, c. 1902-1908)
  • Charles W. Thurston (1909)
  • Leroy S. Elwell (assistant, 1909, keeper, 1909–1916)
  • Edward J. Collins (assistant, 1909)
  • Harold I. Hutchins (1916–1917)
  • Harry Smith (assistant, 1910)
  • Albert D. Mills (assistant, 1912)
  • Wallace M. Pierce (assistant 1913-1915)
  • Fairfield H. Moore (1917–1921)
  • Albert P. Tribou (assistant 1921-1923)
  • Winfield P. Kent (1921–1925)
  • Ernest V. Talbot (assistant 1924)
  • Leroy S. Elwell (1925–1928)
  • Fairfield H. Moore (1928–1934)
  • Bernard A. Small (assistant 1928)
  • William L. Lockhart (assistant 1930-1931)
  • Earle Emery Benson (assistant, 1931–1934)
  • George E. Woodward (assistant 1934, keeper 1934-1945)
  • Weston E. Thompson (assistant, 1935)
  • Ernest F. Witty (assistant 1935-1942)

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