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Leandro Neumann Ciuffo from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - The Roman forum"> ||| Public domain

Roman Forum (Thessaloniki)

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The Roman Forum of Thessaloniki is the ancient Roman-era forum (or Agora) of the city, located at the upper side of Aristotelous Square.

It is a large two-terraced forum featuring two-storey stoas, dug up by accident in the 1960s. The forum complex also boasts two Roman baths, one of which has been excavated while the other is buried underneath the city, and a small theater which was also used for gladiatorial games. Although the initial complex was not built in Roman times, it was largely refurbished in the 2nd century. It is believed that the forum and the theater continued to be used until at least the 6th century. ||| Public domain ||| Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

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