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Rome. Police Day. P.1.

Sergey Dolya • 5 minutes read • April 14th, 2016

This time we spent 2 days in


. We managed to walk through the city center, visit the zoo, lunch in the famous Cafe de Paris and attend the celebration of the 157th anniversary of the Italian Police...

In Rome we arrived by taxi from Civitavecchia to dinner, and the evening devoted to a walk in the Villa Borghese park. Here, in the park, the Rome's Zoo was hidden. We found the entrance to it not at once, despite the balloons that were selling next to it:

The zoo is small. The enclosures are clean. Animals are sad:

For some reason, I did not have a sense of the holiday, which usually covers me in zoos:

But the children had the time of life. Peacocks and other birds walk through the zoo. My younger son, when seeing them, remembered how he chased pigeons in Barcelona on Placa Catalunya, and shouting "I'll catch you!!!" ran after the peacock. It's amazing! I did not know before, that peacocks can fly well when small robbers prey on them:

On the way to the hotel we went to the Cafe de Paris. In the same one we had dinner in Monaco, next to the casino. This time I offered a tomato soup. God, it was the most delicious tomato soup I had tried in my life. It felt as if I ate the gentlest air tomato souffle melting in your mouth as the first timid snow on the warm palm:

We strolled by several city landmarks, photos of which can be found in any report. So I will show you just something that caught my attention. We started from the famous

Trevi Fountain


There were just incredible crowds of people. Most of them either photographed or were photographed:

In the background, in the crush, cyclists tried to hear the guide on Segway:

It was hot, and the kids made ablution in the fountain in front of the Spanish Steps:

We walked to the



Actors stroll near it and offer to take a picture. I remember that at my last visit I agreed with them about the pictures with a baby for 10 Euro. So after shooting they surrounded me, and there were four of them, and began to claim that I must pay 10 Euros to each of them. So this time I watched from the sidelines as they squeezed, strangled and kissed someone's wife in front of joyful husband:

From the Coliseum we strolled to the Circus Maximus - the largest Roman hippodrome. Do you remember the French film "Asterix at the Olympic Games"? Games in the film took place at this hippodrome. When we came, a small Centuria was practicing there:

The children were delighted, and I had great difficulty in persuading them to continue the walk:

Rome is probably the only modern city, where the history of ancient civilization gets out at every step, even through manholes. It is not known still what the letters S.P.Q.R., inscribed on the standards of the Roman legions, meant. But most scientists agree that it was the abbreviation of the phrase "Senate and People of Rome" ("Senatus Populusque Romanus"):

No matter what street you are at, you will always be surrounded by the ancient buildings:

Author: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Gian Luka

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