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Rome. The Eternal city at night.

Uritsk Andrey • 4 minutes read • May 28th, 2016
When you have an emotional surplus, you have to obturate it in time, because all sightseeings is better perceived in layers.The best way to divide one layer from another is to have several cups of Guiness in any pub. And after that, when you are cheered up and impressed, you may go for a walk again, especially in the nighttime.
1-rome-night-p1.jpgThere are a dome of St.Peter Cathedral, bridges and a


2-rome-night-p1.jpg3-rome-night-p1.jpgNight, smell of fresh greenery, wind is ruffling a whispering foliage...
4-rome-night-p1.jpgSt.Angel's Bridge is a roman Charles Bridge. Really, they're very similar. There are the same statues along both sides.

Vatican City

at night is not less charming.
7-rome-night-p1.jpg8-rome-night-p1.jpg9-rome-night-p1.jpg10-rome-night-p1.jpgAnd again here are the Castle, St.Angel's Bridge, Tiber and a ship. Now you see all the beauty of


at night.
11-rome-night-p1.jpg12-rome-night-p1.jpg13-rome-night-p1.jpg14-rome-night-p1.jpg15-rome-night-p1.jpgThere are a lot of tourists on the streets of nightly Rome in weekends. Not the less is another flow, when local youth came out in the evening, tenth of motorollers are zinging empty streets of the nightly city. And if Roma won the match recently, whole center of Rome is sunk in amusements. Having left a touristic route, I find myself in this second flow. Here's one of the squares, occupied by the local youth. Energy of the crowd plumbs in you and at the next moment you want to sing, dance, have fun!
16-rome-night-p1.jpgAnd again here are pictures of a charming nightly city, to be precise it's The Altare della Patria and the Trevi Fountain. Few quarters further and again you're in the touristic flow.
17-rome-night-p1.jpg18-rome-night-p1.jpg19-rome-night-p1.jpgThus, changing the flows and wandering among different interesting places I walked around the city till 2 a.m., and I couldn't stop because of energy of the ancient, marvelous and unusually young and passionate Eternal City. 
20-rome-night-p1.jpg21-rome-night-p1.jpg22-rome-night-p1.jpg23-rome-night-p1.jpg24-rome-night-p1.jpg25-rome-night-p1.jpg26-rome-night-p1.jpg27-rome-night-p1.jpg28-rome-night-p1.jpgI reached my place only at 3 a.m. and only then I felt a final bliss. I will remember this wonderful day in Rome for a long long time.
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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