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Rome. The Eternal city in daylight. P2

Uritsk Andrey • 5 minutes read • May 22nd, 2016
To tell the truth, I managed to visit not 5, but 6 countries. And the sixth one is about to visit now. The boarder between Italy and


is the most frequently crossed in the world due to the statistics. And here it is:
1-rome-day-p2.jpgOnce crossed a yellow line you are on the territory of this tiny catholic state. IT is about 4 p.m. now, and you still may get to the top of the dome of St.Peter Cathedral. If you are in


, don't lose this opportunity, even not taking into account a long queue. There are about 500 stairs to the top of the dome, which you can overcome either by foot, or partly by lift. I didn't wait to use lift and went by my own.

After the another spiral stairs you are on the balcony under the very dome of the cathedral.
2-rome-day-p2.jpgFew more ladders to go and you reach the top of an enormous dome. A stunning view on Rome and Vatican City open from here.
3-rome-day-p2.jpg4-rome-day-p2.jpg5-rome-day-p2.jpg6-rome-day-p2.jpg7-rome-day-p2.jpg8-rome-day-p2.jpgDescending from the St.Petri, I made a photo of the dome and some of its interiors.
9-rome-day-p2.jpg10-rome-day-p2.jpgAnd here's the square in front of the St.Peter Cathedral, where tens of thousands people come to listen to the song of the Pope.
11-rome-day-p2.jpg12-rome-day-p2.jpg13-rome-day-p2.jpgIt is getting dark, I say goodbye to Vatican City and come back to the opposite site of the Tiber. I hurry to the forum a lot. The very first forum appeared right here, in the Ancient Rome.

On my way to the forum i pass near a very cute park and find an ancient ruins which are the remnants of the ancient roman buildings all around the Eternal City.
14-rome-day-p2.jpg15-rome-day-p2.jpg16-rome-day-p2.jpg17-rome-day-p2.jpgHere's the church...
18-rome-day-p2.jpgVittoriano is an enormous monument in favorem of the first king of joint Italy, Victor Emmanuel II. It is situated on the Venecian Square, right on the slope of a Capitolium Hill. This project was designed by Guseppe Sacconi in an Empire-style of an ancient roman architecture. Building works were made in 1885-1911. A 12-m high bronze equestrian statue of the King. Beneath there's a grave of an Unknown soldier, a so called Motherland Sanctuary.
19-rome-day-p2.jpg It is very close to the

Roman Forum

from here. Our first-seen Forum was the Forum of Trajan. It is not the main Roman Forum, but a mess room.
20-rome-day-p2.jpg21-rome-day-p2.jpgAbove this mess-room you can see a Trajan Column, which got its name in honor of the first administrator of the forum.
22-rome-day-p2.jpgA famous picturesque view on the Coliseum opens from the Via Dei Fori Imperiale street.
23-rome-day-p2.jpg24-rome-day-p2.jpgWhen we crossed the road we find ourselves on the viewing platform of the Main Roman Forum. Unfortunately, it is now available only for viewing. But several thousands years ago discussionds here were very passionate. It were participants of the Forum, who were solving questions of the world and imperialistic meaning.All of them were controlled by moderators, whose punishment could be unavoidable. Despite Forum was very powerful, there were also a lot of inequitable acts of administrators and moderators. One of the most famous is an inequitable eternal ban of Caesar, whose last words "Et tu autem, Brute?" became a saying, by moderator Brute. Mostly because of such mayhem, Roman Forum lost its power, but names of some glorious participants will be remembered  forever.

Let's stay here, read saved till nowadays topics and sayings, remind the past...
25-rome-day-p2.jpg26-rome-day-p2.jpg27-rome-day-p2.jpgHaving looked through the last saved themes of the Forum, I go to the Coliseum.
28-rome-day-p2.jpg29-rome-day-p2.jpg30-rome-day-p2.jpgA sunny evening is the most beautiful time for such walks. Coliseum looks amazing in the level rays of the sunset.
31-rome-day-p2.jpgSun sets quickly and I return to the Tiber quay to enjoy an ancient city and all the bridges across the Tiber.
32-rome-day-p2.jpg36-rome-day-p2.jpg37-rome-day-p2.jpg38-rome-day-p2.jpgThe Romans decided to held a mass evening cycling.
39-rome-day-p2.jpgBridges and quays again.. What a beauty!)

Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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