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Rotterdam, Holland

River Pilgrim • 4 minutes read • September 24th, 2016
1rotterdam-holland.jpgBefore the trip, I imagined 


to be a harsh industrial port city. But Rotterdam, in fact, turned out to be very cozy, beautifully modern and, most importantly, a quiet town. 
2rotterdam-holland.jpg3rotterdam-holland.jpgOur acquaintance with the city started with a walk to the port. The port of Rotterdam was the largest port in the world until 2004, handing over the title to the Shanghai Port. Pleasure boats across were very comfortable.
4rotterdam-holland.jpgThe port is huge. During our 1.5-hour walk, we saw roughly 10 port areas, and more than 50 were left on the horizon.

Erasmus bridge

(far to the left) is a symbol of Rotterdam.
7rotterdam-holland.jpgContainers and bulk cargos, and everything that can be transported by vessel, are unloaded at the port.
8rotterdam-holland.jpg9rotterdam-holland.jpgThere were several vessels in the port area.
10rotterdam-holland.jpgHere are river locks and a windmill, the symbol of Holland.
11rotterdam-holland.jpgHere are locks and one of the symbols of Rotterdam - the 


12rotterdam-holland.jpgEuromast is 606 foot (185 meters) tall tower, built between 1958 and the 1960s, for the flower exhibition Floriade, 1960. The tower is a concrete structure 29 feet (9 meters) wide, with walls 11 inches (30 cm) thick. An observation deck and restaurant 314 feet (96 meters) up.  If that's not enough, you can climb the stairs or take the elevator to a height of 367 feet (112 meters) and . . .
13rotterdam-holland.jpg...then you can ascend even higher, up to 606 feet (185 meters) by "EuroScope" - a special panoramic cab, that rotates around its axis. It rotates, by the way, quite rapidly, so it is not suitable for everyone.
14rotterdam-holland.jpg15rotterdam-holland.jpg16rotterdam-holland.jpg17rotterdam-holland.jpg18rotterdam-holland.jpg19rotterdam-holland.jpg20rotterdam-holland.jpgRotterdam is famous for its architecture; unusual shapes and forms. For example, below you can see cubic houses. 
21rotterdam-holland.jpgBelow is a photo from inside, in the bedroom.  
22rotterdam-holland.jpgThis is the kitchen.
23rotterdam-holland.jpgHowever, there are also regular looking buildings.
24rotterdam-holland.jpg25rotterdam-holland.jpg26rotterdam-holland.jpg27rotterdam-holland.jpg28rotterdam-holland.jpgThis is the subway in Rotterdam. One trip cost (as of 2010) about 3 euros. The ticket is valid for one hour.
29rotterdam-holland.jpgThe stations are shallow and quite beautiful.
30rotterdam-holland.jpgWe then spent half a day at the local zoo. 
31rotterdam-holland.jpgIt is a kind of hybrid between a botanical garden and a zoo, with a huge and beautiful territory that is home to hundreds of different species of animals and reptiles.
32rotterdam-holland.jpgThe entrance fee was about (as of 2010) 10-14 euros per person.
33rotterdam-holland.jpgIn the evening, the city was unusually beautiful and full of lights. 
34rotterdam-holland.jpg35rotterdam-holland.jpg36rotterdam-holland.jpgBelow is the Maritime Museum. The cranes are part of the exhibits.
37rotterdam-holland.jpgThe Erasmus Bridge is one of the symbols of Rotterdam, and it connects the southern and the northern parts of the city.
38rotterdam-holland.jpg39rotterdam-holland.jpg40rotterdam-holland.jpg Author: River Pilgrim
Translated by: 

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