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Royal Caribbean Beverage Packages

6 minutes read • April 5th, 2019
We have often said that cruise companies always do their best to work out the details of your adventure, including accommodation, food, entertainment... Well, just everything! They considered various packages to meet everyone's wishes and needs and make your sailing even more carefree. You've probably already heard of dining, photo, wedding, and other packages. Well, today we are going to discuss

Royal Caribbean Beverage Packages

and check what options this company has to offer.
Royal Caribbean Drink Package reviews
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RCI has 4 types of drink packages.
Package What’s included Price
Water Bottle Package 12/24 bottles of Evian Water $39 for 12 bottles/$69 for 24 bottles
Classic Soda Package Fountain soda and Coca-Cola Freestyle beverages + a Coca-Cola souvenir cup $12.99 per person per day
Refreshment Package Classic Soda Package + non-alcoholic cocktails, bottled water, coffees and teas, fresh juices $29 per person per day
Deluxe Beverage Package Refreshment Package + alcoholic cocktails, wine by the glass, beer, spirits, liquor – that cost up to $12 or $13 + discounts on bottled wines $63-$70 per person per day

Please, note that all the prices are mentioned excluding gratuity and can be changed.

Is this offer worth it or not? Well, considering average prices on the RCI’s vessels, to cover the cost of the alcoholic option, the ship's guest can consume, for example: 
  • 3 beers + 2 glasses of wine + 2 cocktails
  • 4 cocktails + 2 glasses of wine
  • 5 beers + 2 cocktails
And given water, juices, tea, mocktails... Well, everyone can make his/her own conclusion.
Yes, of course, our calculations are approximate. Have you already took advantage of the RCI's packages? Please share your experience with our readers and us.

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Often, RCI offers drink package discounts for a certain sailing on a certain ship via its Cruise Planner website. You should just be active and believe in luck.

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Guest can use beverage packages in the main restaurants, all bars, including the Bionic Bar, clubs, and other venues. Besides, you can enjoy the package's pros in RCI’s private ports.

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Beverage packages do not apply to Starbucks, the staterooms’ mini-bar, and room service.

Cruise lovers should note several important rules.
  • Travelers order the package for the whole duration of their adventure. Nevertheless, guests can book the package on the 2nd, 3rd, etc. day of the adventure – but only for each of the remaining days of the cruise.
  • Packages are not shareable or transferable.
  • All adults in one cabin must buy the same alcoholic beverage package.
  • Cruise travelers can order only 1 drink per transaction.

Please note that alcoholic beverage packages are not available on 3 night or less voyages from the UK.

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Let’s check several more pictures of RCI's cruise drinks.

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Now we invite you to watch a video review of Deluxe Beverage Package.

Well, it looks pretty tasty and refreshing, doesn't it?

By the way, you can also check our article about RCI's wedding packages via this link.

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