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Royal Caribbean Food

6 minutes read • August 8th, 2019
Dear cruise lovers, today we are going to discuss a pretty “tasty” topic –

Royal Caribbean Food

. First of all, we must warn you that you shouldn’t read this article on an empty stomach. Are you full and happy? So then let’s start.
Royal Caribbean Food
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When it comes to food on a cruise, just the mere memory of it and you already imagine its smell and taste. This is not surprising since all cruise companies do their best to make dining on a ship one of the main highlights of your sailing. And, we should admit, they’re good at it. Let’s check what Royal Caribbean International cooked its friends.

Yes, there are so many choices. You can choose a place, time, style, cuisine, and even an atmosphere of your dinner. Some dining venues are included in the price of your cruise, while the others are not.
For example, you can take advantage of Royal Caribbean complimentary dining in the Main Dining Room, the buffet-style Windjammer, Vitality Café serving healthy food, Mexican El Loco Fresh, Chinese Noodle Bar, and in many other dining venues.

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As for Royal Caribbean meal times in the Main Dining Room, you’ll be offered two options when you will book a cruise: Traditional Dining and My Time Dining. Traditional is a fixed time dining, which means that you select the early seating or the late seating for the duration of your sailing. My Time Dining is a flexible system that allows you to eat in the Main Dining Room anytime you like during dinner hours. In this case, reservations are recommended.

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If you are looking for something exceptional and extraordinary, Royal Caribbean specialty restaurants are ready to surprise everyone. Try sushi at Japanese Izumi. Don’t miss hamburgers, hot dogs, and French fries at Johnny Rockets. Treat yourself to your favorite coffee at Starbucks. Be sure to visit Wonderland – this dinner is going to be really unforgettable.

Regarding specialty restaurants, the cruise line offers Royal Caribbean Dining Packages that help you save money and add new diversity to your adventure.
  • 3 Restaurant Package. This type of cruise package provides an opportunity to plunge into the world of haute cuisine in three different specialty restaurants.
  • Unlimited Dining Package. Well, its name speaks for itself. You can visit multiple specialty restaurants each evening of your cruise.
Besides, Royal Caribbean food packages offer special conditions for little travelers, as well as other perks.

By the way, we’ve already talked about Royal Caribbean Beverage Packages – you can find the article via this link.

Now let’s move on to the Royal Caribbean dining dress code. Well, the rules vary by venue. For example, the Main Dining Room requires smart casual dress code, just like Coastal Kitchen, Solarium Bistro, Wonderland, Izumi, and other cafes and restaurants. In the meantime, you can wear casual clothes when visiting The Cafe@Two70, Sorrento’s, Vitality Café, and others.
If you are going to spend the evening at Chef’s Table (which is an absolute must, by the way), don’t forget to pack your favorite cocktail dress and tuxedo since the dress code is formal there.

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What about the Royal Caribbean Formal Night dress code? You can get all necessary information via this link.

Royal Caribbean room service is also worth mentioning. It is a great option for those who like to eat in a calm and cozy atmosphere of a stateroom and don’t want to bother about time, attire, and all that jazz. And what can be more romantic than breakfast or dinner on a private balcony? Guests can take advantage of room service 24 hours a day. Fees may apply.

Now, how about we watch several more pictures of Royal Caribbean food?

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It looks delicious. And we bet it tastes as good as it looks.

Have you already sailed with Royal Caribbean? Please share your pictures of food on RCI’s cruises in the comments.

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