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Ruins Of Ancient Pompeii

o_l_g_a_r_i • 4 minutes read • August 13th, 2016
We have finally visited


This review is exclusively about the ruins.
1ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpgI used to think that there is nothing to look at - as the ruins are just the ruins... But it’s different when you are in those places, and it is perceived in another way. There you feel that it was someone else's home and one "perfect" day everything had ended suddenly(((...
Moreover, it is necessary to feel it living there. We stayed there for 2 nights. This location is known to be one of the most dangerous places on earth, as the volcano is about to explode, um...
Different experts from around the world follow Vesuvius, but I was feeling unsafe. The old story says that there was an earthquake before that tragic day in


- it's a bad sign! Earthquakes commonly happen before the eruption of volcanoes.
Luckily, nothing was shaking and nothing had erupted)))... But still, I wonder how do people live there???
The city of Pompeii is just a godsend for archaeologists!
2ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpgAround there are groups of tourists, who follow a guide like penguins...
If you wish to see the location with ruins, you’d better come there early in the morning!
The road in


is preserved from those times!!!
3ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpg5ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpgAll these "mummies"- people and animals burnt alive, are very impressive, brrr... They are in different unimaginable poses(((...
6ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpg7ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpg8ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpgThere are a lot of stray dogs for some reason.
9ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpg10ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpgBy the way, only a tenth of the population died.
In those ancient times, the city was relatively big (by the standards of that time) and uniquely a wealthy one.
11ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpg12ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpg13ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpg14ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpg15ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpg16ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpg17ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpg18ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpgThe houses had gardens, thermal springs, kitchens and so on. 
19ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpg20ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpgThere are even restored vineyards in those places, where they seemed to be before...

22ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpgThere were a lot of poor people in the city as well, who didn’t have the opportunity to make meals at home, so there were such “canteens” for them… 
23ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpgVarious "public places", such as various baths (term), temples and others are impressive by its size.
24ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpg25ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpg26ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpg27ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpg28ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpg29ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpg30ruins-of-ancient-pompeii.jpgAuthor: o-l-g-a-r-i
Translated by: Zoozi

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