The rules and principles of the website
Our online resource is aimed to assist you, our users. We are trying to facilitate the planning of your vacation. On our website, you have the opportunity to post information, to comment on the information, leave feedback, to communicate with others, to express your opinion, and ideas. We respect your opinion; however, we remind you that the principles and rules of behavior are in effect on our website. In the case of breach of these principles, policy, and rules of behavior, we have the right to take measures, for example, to remove inappropriate material, block the user, remove the profile, refer to competent authorities, etc.
Furthermore, we are not liable for any violation of these rules and principles based on the Terms and Privacy Policy and website data usage by users or any third parties, and for any damage or harm that may be caused due to the use of the website.
Kindly review the rules and principles of our website to understand what kind of behavior and ways of self-expression are acceptable or not.
1. Discrimination, humiliation, unjustified harm to business reputation
Everyone has their own opinion on different issues. Our website makes it possible to leave feedbacks about users, ships, companies, objects, products, and services, to comment or to criticize. Accordingly, we warn that any kind of discrimination, humiliation or unjustified harm and loss to the reputation/business reputation of the user, as well as any actions of that kind which can lead to it, are unacceptable. Organizations and third parties subjected to criminal liability for terrorist and violent criminal activity cannot be present on our website.
2. Threats, harassment, intimidation, violence, injury to oneself, etc.
Propaganda of any kind of violence, self-harm, and similar things are prohibited on our website. Demonstrations of intimidation, harassment, and imposing are forbidden and unacceptable, as well as threatening to users, people, third parties, animals, public safety, or whoever. We reserve the right to contact the law-enforcement bodies, authorities in case of violation of these rules and/or regulations.
3. The promotion and advertisement of anything that can harm health
We promote a healthy life. The propaganda and advertising of all kinds of things and actions that may harm others or their health are unacceptable. The promotion and advertising of any kind of drugs are fully prohibited.
The promotion and advertising of medicines, alcohol, and tobacco are prohibited. The exception is the advertising of medicines, alcohol and tobacco products which can be placed by the administration of the website in accordance with the legislation and audience targeting measures.
4. The expression of hatred, intolerance, discrimination and humiliation on race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, and other grounds.
The operation of the website expands to different countries, with different populations, ethnicities, and nationalities. Our website is multinational. We ask you to respect communication standards and remind that any expression of hatred, intolerance towards others, users,  third parties, or anyone, as well as discrimination and humiliation for any issues and on any grounds, including the issues of health, gender, income level and other, are not acceptable on our website.
5. The rules of culture and morality
Our website positions itself as cultural and highly moral. Accordingly, any actions that deviate from accepted norms of ethics, culture and morality on the website, are not allowed.
6. Naked body, erotica, pornography, prostitution
Propaganda and advertising of services, such as prostitution and everything related to it, are prohibited on our website. Standards of morality do not allow us to permit posting the materials which may fall under the category of erotica or pornography. At the same time, we respect your life, your views, your own products or services, therefore, only objects of art are allowed to publish (e.g., half-naked Venus de Milo or the picture).
7. Cruelty, bullying
Publication of any kind of information and materials that promote violence, bullying, cruelty to anyone, are prohibited on our website. Any demonstrations of sadism, masochism are not acceptable. It is forbidden to publish materials that violate generally accepted cultural norms, ethics, morality, and the ones that can be heavy for perception.
8. Personal Data and Information
Publication of information and data of third parties, both physical and legal without their consent, is prohibited on our website, except when we publish information about the Port Objects (taken from open sources). However, if the Port Object is against placing the information on the website, we ask it to contact us – and we will take measures to solve this issue and/or remove the object within a week.
We remind that the distribution of someone else's personal information is prohibited by law, and the person who publishes the information is liable for it. Moreover, under the specifics of our website, we require publishing of truthful, valid and reliable information. The false information is not acceptable. Accordingly, if you are convicted of falsehood, we will have to take measures pending the appeal to the law enforcement bodies, according to the gravity and aims of the lie.
9. Intellectual property and copyrights.
We strongly recommend users and/or third parties to make sure that you have the right to each publication. We demand respect for copyright and other intellectual property rights, and we remind that the person who violates any rights, shall be responsible under the law. We are not responsible for any kind of publication and placement, storage, distribution, maintenance of any information. Furthermore, the administration of the website is not responsible for the violation of the copyright, intellectual property and other rights by the users or third parties.
10. Spam mail, phishing
We demand respect for the rights of users to privacy and security. Any violation of their personal safety, mailing of materials and information of any kind, is not allowed without their consent. Except for the situations specified in the Terms and Privacy Policy.
11. Security
Any breach of security and privacy of users and third parties is unacceptable. Any fraudulent and deceptive actions are unacceptable as well. Organizations and third parties held liable for fraud cannot be present on our website.
12. Complaints and appeals
In the case of presence of the materials and information that violate your personal rights or Terms, Privacy Policy, Rules and Principles, you need to inform us. We have to study the claim and make an adequate response within one week. However, we remind you that complaints and appeals do not guarantee that the material, users, and the rest will be removed. There are cases when unpleasant or offensive material for one user is not unpleasant or offensive for the other. If the material is controversial but does not violate generally accepted rules and regulations, including Rules, Principles, Agreements, and Policy, we recommend you to not to visit the profile, page, or theme that is insulting for you.