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Rusutsu Resort

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The Rusutsu Resort (ルスツリゾート, Rusutsu Rizōto) is the largest resort in Hokkaidō, Japan, operated by Kamori Kankō. The resort is mostly famous for its ski slopes, but it also has an amusement park, golf courses and others.

Ski resort

The ski resort expands on three mountains, namely West Mountain, East Mountain, and Mount Isola. The total number of courses is 37, the length 42 kilometres (26 mi). This is the first Japanese ski resort to be awarded for the Best Small Resort by The Great Skiing & Snowboarding Guide, a British ski magazine. According to the 2003 survey by View Communications, Japanese NPO, skiers ranked the resort as the most satisfying among 48 ski resorts in Japan.


All slopes allow skiing, snowboarding, and snowscooting.

  • Slopes for beginners: 10
  • Slopes for intermediate skiers: 12
  • Slopes for advanced skiers: 11
  • Slopes for very advanced skiers: 4
  • Total: 37

Aerial lifts

Amusement park

The resort has unusually many attractions rides as an amusement park in Hokkaidō, where parks are forced to close in the harsh winter. The operator increased the number of rides by buying discounted facilities from closing amusement parks from other parts of Japan. There are more than 60 attraction rides, including 8 roller coasters. Swimming pools open in summer season, as short as 4 weeks from the end of July. There also is a campsite.

Golf courses

There are 4 courses, namely Tower Course, Izumikawa Course, River Course, and Wood Course, 72 holes in total.


There are 4 hotels, namely Main Building, South Wing, North Wing, and Rustsu Tower. There are also cottages and log houses. These facilities accommodate 4,000 visitors in total. The 79 m (259 ft) tall Rusutsu Tower, opened in 1993, is the symbol of the resort. It is linked to South Wing by a slope car (small rack monorail), and to East Mountain by Tower Pair Lift.

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