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Saint Helena Island, P1. Acquaintance With The Island, Jamestown

mff • 4 minutes read • February 24th, 2017
The standard travel time to the Moon - 3 days. Standard time of getting the shores of

St. Helena Island

from Cape Town - 5 days. (The airport hadn't been opened yet at the moment of our trip, as of 2010).
1saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpgAlthough, we faced two unpleasant facts: 1. there's no cellular communication on the island; 2. it was a raining season...
2saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpgIn the port, there are no moorings suitable for vessels' docking, so the beach can only be reached by boat. During the descent on the slippery swinging stairs, one should have both hands free, so the only allowable luggage is a backpack.

Suitcases must be placed in the corridor on the day before arrival till 4 p.m. so the crew manages to put it in a cage and unload on shore.
3saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpgIt is necessary to go undergo immigration before getting in the boat.
4saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpgThere's no UK Border Agency, so the police of St. Helena island acts as the border guard.

Then the passengers get a laminated self-made boarding pass in order to avoid the queues and for nobody to get the island illegally. You wear a life vest and descent on the island.
6saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpgThe island begins with this pier called - steps.
7saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpg8saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpg9saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpg10saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpg11saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpgThen you get your luggage at the customs.
12saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpgThis is


, the capital city of the island.
13saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpg14saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpgHere's a view of Jamestown, Saint Helena, South Atlantic Ocean.
15saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpgThis is Market Street in Jamestown.
16saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpgThe houses on the island have no numbers, just names.
17saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpgHere's Essex House, Jamestown.
18saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpgThere's even a prison on the island.
19saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpgThe Blue Lamp: Saint Helena Police in Half Tree Hollow.
20saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpgH.M. CASTLE.


is a small fortress after the gate in Jamestown. This is the office of the local authorities.
21saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpgHere's Cash Office.
22saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpg23saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpgThere's even a botanic garden Castle Gardens.
24saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpg26saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpg27saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpg28saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpgSt. James Church, Jamestown, Saint Helena. 
29saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpg30saint-helena-island-p1-acquaintance-with-the-island.jpg Other parts of this review can be found here:
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Author: mff
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