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Saint Helena Island, P2. Napoleon Museum

mff • 3 minutes read • February 24th, 2017
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Everyone knows that

St. Helena Island

was a place of exile and death of Napoleon Bonaparte. Fewer people know that the island is not located in the Mediterranean Sea, nor in the region of the Canary Islands or Madeira, but only God knows where.
1saint-helena-island-p2-napoleon-museum.jpgThe main attractions of the island are related to the name of Napoleon -

Longwood House

, the house-museum of Napoleon Bonaparte.
2saint-helena-island-p2-napoleon-museum.jpgNapoleon died in this room.
3saint-helena-island-p2-napoleon-museum.jpgAll the Napoleonic places belong to France on diplomatic property rights and are open from Monday to Friday, without any regard for the Timetable of RMS. However, there was a call made in order to ask to open the museum for us.
4saint-helena-island-p2-napoleon-museum.jpgHere's a grave of Napoleon (this is the other side of the island).
5saint-helena-island-p2-napoleon-museum.jpgIn real life, it is of enormous size, probably 3 by 3 meters. The tomb is empty for a long time, Napoleon's ashes were exhumed and taken to France in 7 years after the funeral. A path of 500 meters length, covered with neatly trimmed lawn, runs here through the rainforest from the local asphalt road.
6saint-helena-island-p2-napoleon-museum.jpg7saint-helena-island-p2-napoleon-museum.jpgThis is a local market, where you won't find any milk, sour cream, greenery or fresh fish.
8saint-helena-island-p2-napoleon-museum.jpgEverything is delivered and sold frozen or canned.
9saint-helena-island-p2-napoleon-museum.jpgThere was only blocked frozen meat and sausages.
10saint-helena-island-p2-napoleon-museum.jpg11saint-helena-island-p2-napoleon-museum.jpgIn this St. Helena Coffee Shop I drank Grande Latte. Although, the cafe is open only on Fri, Sat and Sun.
12saint-helena-island-p2-napoleon-museum.jpg13saint-helena-island-p2-napoleon-museum.jpgSome sea food can be found here in Ann's place.
14saint-helena-island-p2-napoleon-museum.jpgAmong fish, only tuna and blue marlin were there.
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