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Saint Helena Island, P3. RMS, Royal Mail, Jamestown, Jacob's Ladder

mff • 5 minutes read • February 26th, 2017
Here you can find the 1st and the 2nd part of this review.

This is the British mail office on the island of

St. Helena

in the South Atlantic. Mail correspondence was sent only a few times per month by ship RMS St Helena (RMS = Royal Mail Ship) till the airport was open in 2016 on the island.

The island is inhabited by 4,000 people (as of 2010). All the passengers, all food, household goods, machines, equipment, and everything, in general, come to the island by the RMS St Helena.

People are so dependent on the RMS, that its appearance is the main event in the life of locals, and the location of the RMS is necessarily transmitted to the local news on both the local radio stations and printed in both local weekly newspapers.
1saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpgHere she can be seen:
2saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpgI know the man in the photo above. His name is Rupert, he's 66, he is a tourist from South Africa, he came to St. Helena for 8 days. His hobby is walking. It takes a walk of 1,000 kilometers on foot every year in France.

The street is called Main St and belongs to the one and only city on the island of


with a population of 700 people. It was founded in 1659 by the British East India Company.
3saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpgThe city is located in a narrow valley between two rocky hills and it was considerably fortified in the past century. In this photo, besides the obvious fort on the left, there are also a vallum with only gates and dry moat that reliably blocked the valley, separating the city from the sea, and 2 forts on the right: one is directly to the right of the cliff (Ladder Hill), another (High Knoll Fort ) is on the triangular green hill.

On a flat hill on the right, in addition to the fort, there's a village called

Half Tree Hollow

. In fact, it is inhabited by more people than in Jamestown (900 people!)
4saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder'.jpgThis is the only gate leading to the seafront in Jamestown. There's its primitive image Arum Lilly - the "national flower". It can be seen on some buildings in Jamestown.

On top of the gate, there's Wirebird, rare local endemic (just 200 pieces are left!)
5saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpg6saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpg7saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpgOn the other side of the gate, there's the emblem of the East India Company.
8saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpg9saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpgHere's the moat.
10saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpg11saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpgThis is a view of Jamestown and Half Tree Hollow that connects Jacob's Ladder (yes, this is the name from the Bible).
12saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpgThere's Jacob’s Ladder and Main St, Jamestown in the photo.

The tourists visit the island of St. Helena due to Napoleon. But some people are also interested in Jamestown and Jacob's Ladder as the main attraction of St. Helena.
13saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpgHere's a view of St James Church, the area of Grand Parade, Rickmers Wholesale, the monument to Dr. ArnoldIt.

This is the longest straight staircase in the world.
14saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpgIt was built in 1829.
15saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpgIt has 699 steps.
16saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpgThe difference in height is 200 meters.
17saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpgHere you can see RMS:
19saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpg20saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpg21saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpg22saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpgThese are the locals:
23saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpgThe locals are called Saints.
24saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpg25saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpg26saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpg27saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpg28saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpgThere's plenty of cars on the island.
29saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpg30saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpg31saint-helena-island-p3-rms-royal-mail-jamestown-jacobsladder.jpgHere you can find P4 and P5 of this review.
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