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Saint Helena Island, P4. Proclamations, Alarm Forest, Sandy Bay

mff • 5 minutes read • February 26th, 2017
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Saint Helena Island

is the UN member country, the powerful empire of the past. The island has its own constitution (under which the head of state is the British monarch), own money, and even peculiar car identification numbers!

Governor is the Queen's representative on this land. This is

Plantation House

, the residence of the governor. Everything is simple on the island of St. Helena. So in order to get into the governor's courtyard, it is enough just to push the gate and enter. There were some strange local tennis fans playing in the courtyard.
1saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpgThis tortoise is named is Jonathan. This is Seychelles tortoise of 200+ years old. It has cataract and it is depicted on the local one penny coin. It is said that Jonathan is a copy of the oldest living vertebrate in the world.
2saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpgJonathan is joined by David, Emma, Fredricka and Myrtle

The British government is somehow too serious about self-management of the most remote inhabited piece of land in the world: in 1981 it has even taken the British citizenship away from the islanders. However, the budget deficit of £ 6 million with £ 12 million of GDP contributed to pragmatism and, in 2002, the British citizenship was given back to the locals.
3saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpgThese are the proclamations near Red Gates.
4saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpgHere are some proclamations in the courtyard of Castle, the residence of the government in


5saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpgThese are proclamations at the intersection of roads in St Pauls, Sandy Bay and Levelwood.
6saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpgThis is a bus stop. There are buses that run once a month.
7saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpgSo the only reasonable way to see the entire island quickly is to rent-a-car (£ 10-12 per day-as of 2010).

Outside the city, the country is slightly reminiscent of one-story America.

Here's Evergreen drive. The roads are narrow (one lane) on St. Helena Island. The person who drives down shall give way to the another.
8saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpg9saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpgIn the photo, you can see a road that runs through the village White Gates.
10saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpg11saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpgBackway, Jamestown, Saint Helena Island.

This is a cemetery.
12saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpg13saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpgThere are quite enough of elementary schools on the island, but there's only one secondary school: Prince Andrew School, located at the foot of High Knoll Fort, in an area with a prohibitively beautiful name Alarm Forest. There are no universities at all.
14saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpg15saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpg16saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpg17saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpgThis volcanic island has only 2 places where you can go down to the sea by car: Jamestown and Sandy Bay.

There's a fort in Sandy Bay.

Guns of the 1700s and 1800s occupy an ecological niche in the Nordic and Anglo-Saxon wooden logs (or concrete blocks from the Third World): they are used to limit car traffic.
18saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpg19saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpgAs there are strong undercurrents, it is prohibited to swim in Sandy Bay in spite of the sandy beach.
20saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpgHere's the view of RMS and the city.
21saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpgThis is Consulate, the city's only hotel with in-room amenities.
22saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpg23saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpg24saint-helena-island-p4-proclamations-alarm-forest-sandy-bay.jpg Go here to read the last part of the review.
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