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Saint Helena Island, P5. Jamestown, High Knoll Fort, Night Life

mff • 4 minutes read • February 26th, 2017
This is the last part of the review's series. The previous parts can be found here: P1, P2, P3, P4.

On Fridays, the nightlife of

St. Helena

is in full swing. On Fridays, young people all over the island are stuffed in the city, so there is nowhere to park. During my stay there, I heard lots of indie-pop music.
1saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpg2saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpg3saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpg4saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpgWhereas there's no cellular communication on the island, the locals confidently call each other by the usual old school phone with a 4-digit number. Cable & Wireless operates good, so the telephone booth is still an actual thing for many people in Saint Helena.
5saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpgThis is a telephone booth on a background of the barracks of Fort Ladder Hill.

There's a lot of forts on the island. This is

High Knoll

, built by the British in 1870 around Dutch citadel.
6saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpgHere's High Knoll Fort.
7saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpg8saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpg9saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpg10saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpgThe island is volcanic, so there's not so much convenient access to the sea. Jamestown embankment is used only as the promenade and the port, and

Sandy Bay

is dangerous because of the undercurrents. It is possible to walk from Sandy Bay to the mountains to Lot's Wife's Ponds - natural lava pools as in Madeira, but we did not have time. Although, we visited a pool, arranged on the site of the moat, with changing rooms in the castle wall. This is the coolest pool in the world (and costs only 25 pence as of 2010). First, you swim to one steep hill and then turn around and... swim to another one.

However, generally, this is the usual tropical island (volcanic, though).
13saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpg14saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpg15saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpg16saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpg17saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpgHere's the Heart Shaped Waterfall:
18saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpg19saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpg20saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpg21saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpgThis is RMS St.Helena.
22saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpg23saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpg24saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpgThis was the end of our visit to Saint Helena Island.
25saint-helen-island-p5-jamestown-high-knoll-fort-night-life.jpg Author: mff
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