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Saint Petersburg In March

Nefer • 4 minutes read • December 4th, 2016
In this review, you can find unpopular sights of

Saint Petersburg

, fragments of interesting buildings and unusual monuments. We started our walk from Pravdy Street.
Here's the Institute of Film and Television. The building was built as a parish school.
1saint-petersburg-in-march.jpgThis is Alexander Nevsky Cathedral:
2saint-petersburg-in-march.jpg3saint-petersburg-in-march.jpgThere's a public garden nearby the Institute. A monument to a good dog Gavryusha is located in that garden. The monument was opened in 1999 on Malaya Sadovaya, in 2007, it was moved to its present location.
4saint-petersburg-in-march.jpg5saint-petersburg-in-march.jpgIt's mouth was full of candies.
6saint-petersburg-in-march.jpgThen we saw a monumental statue of three angels. The composition was set in memory of the churches that were located thereabouts:

Church of St. John the Baptist

, Church of the Holy Transfiguration of the Lord and the Church of the aforementioned Alexander Nevsky.
7saint-petersburg-in-march.jpgA little bit far, there was a sculpture "Blind". This is Pravdy Street. There are traces of restoration and reconstruction, but something is still undone.
8saint-petersburg-in-march.jpgIt's a weird sculpture...
9saint-petersburg-in-march.jpgThis building has a beautiful facade. Behind this house, there is a patio, decorated by motives of a fairy tale "The Wizard of Oz." There's a road paved with yellow brick, figures of characters: the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Bastinda, Saber-toothed tigers, etc. But I did not know about it at that moment.
10saint-petersburg-in-march.jpgThere are indicators with information that some famous person lived for a certain period of time in a house.
11saint-petersburg-in-march.jpg12saint-petersburg-in-march.jpg13saint-petersburg-in-march.jpg14saint-petersburg-in-march.jpg15saint-petersburg-in-march.jpgThere's a monument to chimney-sweeper in the courtyard of the house No.3 on the Great Moscow Street.
16saint-petersburg-in-march.jpgThis is a former apartment house of an artisan society.
17saint-petersburg-in-march.jpgWell, here's a classic sight - the 

Anichkov Bridge

18saint-petersburg-in-march.jpgThe weather was very good!
19saint-petersburg-in-march.jpgHere's a fountain "Spinning ball" on Malaya Sadovaya Street. But I came there not because of the fountain. There is a small sculpture - a cat that walks by itself at one of the houses. Can you see it?
20saint-petersburg-in-march.jpg21saint-petersburg-in-march.jpgIn St. Petersburg, there's also a store Eliseev. Sculptures of Industry, Trade, Science and Arts are installed on the facade.
22saint-petersburg-in-march.jpgWe came to the Gulf of Finland.
23saint-petersburg-in-march.jpg24saint-petersburg-in-march.jpg25saint-petersburg-in-march.jpg26saint-petersburg-in-march.jpg27saint-petersburg-in-march.jpg Author: Nefer
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