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Saint Thomas. The United States Virgin Islands

o_l_g_a_r_i • 5 minutes read • July 31st, 2016
We had first visited the island of Saint Croix, in the US Virgin Islands, 3 years ago.
1saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpgFirstly, I must honestly admit that I was not prepared for this cruise, uh . . . 
Before the trip I had time to read that it would be better to rent a car and drive around the island.
But we didn’t want to drive, and we wanted to swim a lot on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the 

Magens bay

(National Geographic puts this beach in the top ten best beaches in the world!), and walk through the streets of 

Charlotte Amalie

, the main city of the island.
First of all, we went to the beach.
The reviews I read about this beach said that one should go there early in the morning and swim on the far right side of the beach, as there are a lot of fish and pelicans. And it’s true. The location was just great! Take a mask!
There really was a lot of fish.
2saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpgAnd pelicans appeared soon! 
3saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpgBy the way, fish is not the only thing that is plenty near these stones; they are also full of crabs and iguanas.
4saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpgIn general, we liked the beach. It was beautiful and there were a lot of interesting things under water. 
5saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpgThere were things we didn’t like during this trip. A lot of cruise ships come to the island. There are 9 tourist cruise ships that make their stop here per one ordinary tourist!!!
You should take it into account, when booking a cruise, whether or not you want to walk with crowds of people.  
6saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpg7saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpgThe ships were moored close to Charlotte Amalie. The city is close enough, but it is very uncomfortable there, especially when it’s hot. Almost everyone takes a taxi. The taxis there are not usual; it’s a kind of open bus for 10-15 people. And the fare is not fixed, but counted in quite a weird way.
8saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpgThen we walked around the city and stopped in a cafe.
Charlotte Amalie is the capital of the island.
9saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpg10saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpg11saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpgThe stores on the Caribbean Islands are mainly focused on cruise tourists and their desire to buy gold and diamonds. 
And as for the prices . . . many islands are Tax-Free. But the ship is also a duty-free zone, so there are also good "proposals". 
12saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpgWe wanted to see 


, which is quite old, dating back to 1672. It is a museum now.
Unfortunately, it was under restoration and was closed.
13saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpgThis is a monument to one of the Danish kings.
14saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpgHere’s a monument to the first English-speaking settlers.
27saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpgThis is a monument to liberated slaves.
28saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpgAlthough there were a lot of people on the central streets, the neighboring streets were completely empty. And there were many nice patios :)
Some more views of the city...
17saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpg18saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpg19saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpg20saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpg21saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpg22saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpg23saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpg24saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpg25saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpgWe sailed through the evening. The views were just as nice as they were in the morning…
26saint-thomas-the-united-states-virgin-islands.jpgAuthor: o_l_g_a_r_i
Translated by: Zoozi

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