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Saint-Tropez beaches

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The beaches of Saint-Tropez are generally divided in three parts:


The "in-town" beaches

They consist of "La Glaye", "La Ponche" and "La Fontanette". As Saint Tropez is several hundred years old, the three beaches are small or even tiny and they are located near the heart of the village.

Pampelonne beach

Probably this is the kind of beach that most people consider a "Saint-Tropez" beach. Basically, it is a long, mostly sandy beach, located about 5km south-west to Saint-Tropez. Only half of the beach belongs to the commune of Saint-Tropez, but clubs like Nikki Beach - strictly speaking located in Ramatuelle - often use the term Saint-Tropez beach.

Most parts of the beach have their own parkings, toilets, showers, changing facilities, cafes, restaurants, lifeguard patrols, rentable sun-loungers and wind-surfing opportunities.

Also most famous clubs are located in many of Pampelonne beach parts. This includes:

  • Club 55
  • La Voile Rouge, a resort for the rich and famous (renamed Latoya, and after a 10 year legal battle destroyed in December 2011)

Plage de Tahiti

This beach was popularised in the film 'And God Created Woman'. with Brigitte Bardot. The beach is accessed through an unpaved road.

Other near the town beaches

Basically this includes other beaches, considered as near, and linked to the Saint-Tropez. It includes:

Plage de la Bouillabaisse

Located beyond the port and car park. Offers views across the bay to the Maures mountains.

Plage des Salins

It is sometimes wrongly included as part of Pampelonne.

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