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San Juan, Puerto Rico. Fort San Cristobal. P.1.

Capi4ca • 4 minutes read • September 1st, 2015

Fort San Cristobál

 was built in that place, where the eastern gate to the

Old Town

used to be. This Fort defended from the attacks not only from the sea but also from the land.
The Fort was being built in 1634-1790, but it also was completed later. 
The fortress was the largest fortification built by the Spaniards in the New World. But some of the buildings were demolished in 1897. 
Fort San Cristobal is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.
We came to the Fort San Cristobal by tourist train from the

Fort San Felipe del Morro


Road leads to the entrance in the fortress.

Here's a view to the left.

Fort San Felipe del Morro with the lighthouse we came from can be seen far away.

We are going to the fortress.

Here's a view to the right:

Here's a view to the left:

There is the museum in the building on the left.

Here's Santa Maria - a model of the flagship on which Columbus opened America for the Europeans in 1492.

Here's how the Fort was built.

This is a model of Fort San Cristobal. It's the Atlantic Ocean from the right side.

And now we are going to the right part.

Here's a view of the city.

From here, you can see theCapitol (with a white dome) and the New City with tall buildings.

To the right, there is San Juan Bay.

To the left, there is the Atlantic Ocean.

From here you can see Fort San Felipe del Morro with the lighthouse.

Here's a cemetery near the coast (Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery).

You can glance at the world in such way - through the peephole. Here's a views to the Fort San Felipe del Morro side.

And here's the Atlantic Ocean.

Here's the views to the New City side.

And here's the view in front of the fortress.

And now we'll check with the plan and go in the dungeon....

And we are going along the underground passages to the other part of the fortress.
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Gian Luka

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