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San Juan, Puerto Rico. Fort San Cristobal. P.2.

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • September 1st, 2015

Fort San Cristobal

has a main part and distant defenses. 
While being on the viewpoint of the main part of the fortress, we saw those buildings and went to them. First along the underground tunnels, then along the lawns. 

Here's a view from the main part of the fortress.

We are going out from the dungeon. That is where trains have rest.

We are going down.

And here we saw iguana on the viewpoint!

There are plenty of them!

We are going to the other part of the fortress. In that direction!

We are hiking along the pinion wall.

Behind the wall, there's the


, the liner. Tomorrow we'll start our cruise on the same one. From the same wharf.

We are going there.

From over there.

There are not many tourists here. Except us, there's just another one couple that is hunting iguanas with a photo camera just like we. We are showing each other where they are.  

Here's a view of the main part of the fortress in one direction.

Here's a view of theCapitol

 in the other direction.

Fort San Felipe del Morro is far away.

It's just impossible to stop admiring those views, but we have to return.

So, we returned to the main part of the fortress.

The weather began to become worse!

And we decided to have dinner.
Author: Capi4ca
Translated by: Gian Luka

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