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San Juan, Puerto Rico. P.1.

Barmoska • 5 minutes read • September 1st, 2015
On the third day of the voyage, the ship visited Puerto Rico, the island's capital

San Juan

. This state is associated with the US, it is almost another one state. The connection with the mainland "boss" is in a common currency (us dollar), shared citizenship, and common armed forces. And of course, most of the major U.S. retail chains have their shops in Puerto Rico, so that any American feels himself on the island almost like at home.
Here's a view of

Fort San Felipe del Morro

from the sea:

Morning navigation channel promised a fast arrival in port of destination:

San Juan appeared on the horizon:

This is a modern part of the city:

And this part is closer to the historic one:

Here's a view of one of the eldest forts in the Caribbean - 

Fort San Felipe del Morro


Tourists went out on the board and began to shoot actively:

If you look closer, you can see many white dots in the sky - these are kites:

The ship is slowly drawing into the bay:

The harbor is spacious enough... There's a large cargo port, a passenger one...

Here are views of the historic part of the city:

This is a view of the passenger port and of the modern center of the city:

And all that property is protected (of course) by the US Coast Guard:

Isla Grande airport is situated from the right side of the passenger berths:

The movement was intensive there - small planes steadily landed and took-off:

One took-off:

And another is landing:

During passing the shallow water, the vessel literally begins to trail the water after it, creating huge waves on the surface:

Long chain of tour buses lined up near the wharf:

Tourists are waiting for landing:

Hurrah! Finally, we can land:

Captain's bridge is very high:

Draught is 8 meters 80 centimeters today. By the end of the cruise, it will be 8 m 40 cm.

Here are some pictures of the ship from different angles. Don't be angry!

Long line of tourists went ashore:

Coast guard won't let everyone wishing to pass them by:

Here's an entertainment for a child:

Cigars are twisted just on the knee:

People on cars are polite, in principle. Although it would seem that this is a southern country, with a temperament and all that.... Apparently its associativity with the U.S. affects:

Who knows what kind of tree this is? With such huge flowers and big pods:

Here's Servicios Sanitarios with curtains:

And here's a nice fountain:

I've even managed to catch the rainbow on it:

This is a promenade leading to the port:

This is a shaggy-hairy tree:

There's a great number of cats:

Desperate driver with flat tires is trying to start from the steep hill from the parking brake. In principle, he managed to do this: 

It this an Orthodox icon? The Greek one?

Kite landed badly:

Local bodybuilder is building muscle with real weights:

To be continued.
Author: Barmoska
Translated by: Gian Luka

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