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San Juan, Puerto Rico. P.2.

Barmoska • 4 minutes read • September 1st, 2015
This is the continuation of a small photo report about visiting

San Juan

, the capital of Puerto Rico....

After a short walking, the track led me to a small field in front of the Fort:

I'm really not quite understood if it is so on every week-end day or only on special holidays, but on the field, there was a large number of people with kites:

Young people had fun in such way, while filming some video:

Of course, the picture is ideal....

Tourists are transported to the


by such train:

I didn't go inside the Fort, because the sun was drooping, and I wanted to visit the city center before dark....

Here's an american newly-married couple on the photo session:

And this is a young parkour practitioner:

Oh... I would like to swim!

This is an ancient cemetery with a difficult name - 

Cementerio Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis


People are flying their kites with the same enthusiasm:

Ice cream is not very popular, an ordinary ice has higher demand - it is scraped with a special scraper, and then the syrup is added. The price of this pleasure is $2. At first I thought that it is some kind of crud, but when I tried - mmm.... tasty:

Such joy with guava syrup:

At the square people are cooling off in the shade, and children are standing around the fountain and waiting for the water flow:

And finally the water began:

Such pleasure! Fountain is getting stronger and stronger:

This is a view of the column - unfortunately, I don't know what it is and what for:

Paving stones on the road are pleasing:

Someone has already wrecked the mosaic: 

I was impressed by the size of the doors of the cafe:

Here's an inscription for those who don't understand: 'We have food':

Such a cool pigs:

They have a school uniform:

People on the street in front of the Cathedral are listening the mass of the Catholic preacher:

According to their faces, topics are very serious:

The screen is showing the reporter:

The event is guarded by many police and plainclothes officers:

This is a cat from the art gallery:

The closer to the liner, the more tourists from it there are on the streets:

I saw these beautiful ornaments on the building and decoration on the door:

The ship is already seen:

This is the weary tourist:

I met such patrol car:

And a stall with such fakes just in 5 meters from it:

Does anyone need the Louis Vuitton bag? For only 50 bucks:

This is a chain of restaurants and shops called Senor Frog's widespread throughout the Caribbean:

With such inscription:
Author: Barmoska
Translated by: Gian Luka

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