Santa Maria della Sapienza, Naples, Italy | CruiseBe
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Santa Maria della Sapienza, Naples

History and museums
church, walking, history, culture, sightseeing 

Santa Maria della Sapienza is a Roman Catholic church, located on Via Costantinopoli in central Naples, Italy.


The church was built in 1625 using designs by Francesco Grimaldi, and completed by 1630 by Giovan Giacomo Di Conforto. The architects Cosimo Fanzago and Dionisio Lazzari are said to have helped complete the facade; Fanzago, in the design, Lazzari, in the marble decor. Other sources say the plans for the facade were by Di Conforto. From 1634 to 1636, the cupola and belltower were completed. Giacomo Lazzari designed the dome, whose interior ceiling was frescoed by Belisario Corenzio. The adjacent monastery was demolished in the 19th century, so that the hospital clinic now present could be built.

The interior is decorated with polychrome marbles by Dionisio Lazzari. The black and white pavement decoration is similar to that in the church of San Gregorio Armeno. The apse frescoes are by Cesare Fracanzano, while two angels in the tympanum were sculpted by Paolo Benaglia. Within the church is a large chapel called the Cappella della Scala Santa (Chapel of the Holy Stair). The church della Sapienza has closed for decades. The church was undergoing restoration in 2011.

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