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Santiago De Chile

xorolik • 3 minutes read • July 13th, 2016
At the foot of the Andes, at the altitude of 540 meters above the sea level, there’s one of the largest cities in South America, the capital of Chile -


1santiago-de-chile-review.jpg2santiago-de-chile-review.jpg3santiago-de-chile-review.jpg4santiago-de-chile-review.jpgThis is the

mount San Cristobal

. The height of 860 meters.
5santiago-de-chile-review.jpgThis is the

City Tower "Entel"

. The height of 127 meters.
6santiago-de-chile-review.jpgWe went by car to look the city around, stopping at interesting places. There are no problems with parking!
There’s an underground parking in the center.
7santiago-de-chile-review.jpg8santiago-de-chile-review.jpg9santiago-de-chile-review.jpg10santiago-de-chile-review.jpg11santiago-de-chile-review.jpgHere’s a pedestrian street. Many cafes, shops, and restaurants are located here. It’s a very crowded place!
12santiago-de-chile-review.jpg13santiago-de-chile-review.jpg14santiago-de-chile-review.jpg15santiago-de-chile-review.jpgThese are the bicycles.
16santiago-de-chile-review.jpgThe traffic lanes for public transport are red in some places.
17santiago-de-chile-review.jpg18santiago-de-chile-review.jpgThis is a tunnel.
19santiago-de-chile-review.jpg Author:  xorolik
Translated by: Zoozi

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