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Santorini Island, Fira

o_l_g_a_r_i • 4 minutes read • July 8th, 2016

The city of Fira,


 Santorini Island

was VERY crowded! This was the central city of the island and buses of various destinations ran from here. Many tourists usually did not go further than Fira. At least when compared to 


, there were massive crowds . . . And there were less beautiful views . . .
But in general, these cities were quite similar.
1santorini-island-p2.jpgThis city had a couple of local museums, but I was more interested in the Maritime Museum in Oia.
The museum was situated, by the way, on one of the streets adjacent to the center, so it was easy to find :)
The museum was full of interesting things!!! There were a lot of different ship models, both ancient and modern:
2santorini-island-p2.jpg3santorini-island-p2.jpgI was very surprised by the collection of "women on the bow of the ship". Unfortunately, I did not know its proper name . . . 
I was a little confused because women were considered bad luck onboard ships, so why were the bows adorned with statues of women?? At least such decorations did not help these ships, as this entire collection was of wrecked ships.
4santorini-island-p2.jpg5santorini-island-p2.jpgThere were also other items raised from sunken ships.
6santorini-island-p2.jpgI was most surprised to see photos of the Greek monarchs! In fact, the Greeks did not suffer from royalism...
7santorini-island-p2.jpgHere’s the nautical theme again...
8santorini-island-p2.jpgGenerally, there were a lot of interesting things to see …
9santorini-island-p2.jpgLet’s get back to Fira.
There were about 330 churches on the island, can you imagine that??? A church for every ten people!
The largest were located in Fira.
Here is a church located not far from the bus station...
10santorini-island-p2.jpg11santorini-island-p2.jpgWell, it was very similar to the remake, probably because many buildings were destroyed by the earthquake.
We went further along the road parallel to the sea (or cliff) to admire the views...
12santorini-island-p2.jpg13santorini-island-p2.jpgThere was a cool cafe on a cliff that was popular among travelers, who did not suffer from acrophobia :)
14santorini-island-p2.jpg15santorini-island-p2.jpg16santorini-island-p2.jpg17santorini-island-p2.jpg18santorini-island-p2.jpg19santorini-island-p2.jpgHere are churches, and more churches . . . 
20santorini-island-p2.jpgYou can go by bus to other cities from Fira, but we did not go . . . we just went back to the ship.
21santorini-island-p2.jpgAuthor: o-l-g-a-r-i
Translated by: Zoozi

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