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Santorini Island, Oia

o_l_g_a_r_i • 4 minutes read • July 8th, 2016
I was looking forward to visiting 

Santorini :)

Firstly, the cities with beautiful views were located on the rocks, overlooking the sea. Secondly, everything was well maintained because it is meant for tourists, so the houses were mainly hotels and shops.
1santorini-island-p1.jpgUnfortunately, there were swarms of tourists. I can only imagine what happens here in the summer...
It took no more than 5 minutes to get to the island. There were no line for the cable cars. The ticket price was 5 Euros (as of 2015).
In fact, there ere three ways to ascend: by cable car, on donkeys, or by foot. The last two were voluntary torture though! 
2santorini-island-p1.jpg3santorini-island-p1.jpg4santorini-island-p1.jpgAs soon as we ascended, we rushed to look for a bus to 


. The buses only ran one at a time!
If the anchoring of your ship is short, you’d better go to Oia, as this city is much nicer and there are very few tourists!!!
So we went right to Oia. The bus drive took about 20 minutes.
Here’s Oia.
The island of Santorini was an absolute desert in terms of vegetation, and if it weren't for the painted towns, it would probably look quite depressing . . .  
5santorini-island-p1.jpgWe went for a walk along the streets. There were a lot of gift shops.
6santorini-island-p1.jpgWe saw a church on our way and went inside. A mass was being held, so it was forbidden to take any photographs. But at first I did not know, so I took some shots :)
7santorini-island-p1.jpg8santorini-island-p1.jpgThe views of the sea were everywhere.
9santorini-island-p1.jpg10santorini-island-p1.jpg11santorini-island-p1.jpg12santorini-island-p1.jpg13santorini-island-p1.jpg14santorini-island-p1.jpgThere were plenty of churches:
15santorini-island-p1.jpgSouvenirs had the same colors as the island, a lot of blue and white . . . 
16santorini-island-p1.jpgIs that a monument to donkeys?
17santorini-island-p1.jpg18santorini-island-p1.jpgDo you want your terrace or balcony to have such a view? :)
19santorini-island-p1.jpgWith such a view down below . . . 
20santorini-island-p1.jpg21santorini-island-p1.jpgThere was a small port at the bottom. If you do not want to go back by bus, you can go down to the port and come back to 


 by boat.
22santorini-island-p1.jpg23santorini-island-p1.jpg24santorini-island-p1.jpg25santorini-island-p1.jpg26santorini-island-p1.jpg27santorini-island-p1.jpgAuthor: o-l-g-a-r-i
Translated by: Zoozi

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