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Sao Miguel. The Azores. P2

o_l_g_a_r_i • 5 minutes read • August 13th, 2016
I continue telling about the trip to the


. The previous part is here.
Then we went to the Terra Nostra Park. Well, in general, it is beautiful, and people are few.
23sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg24sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg25sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg26sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgThe alleys, fleeced with moss, are very cozy...
27sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgThere’s a swimming pool, the so-called the "Spring of Youth" at the entrance of the park. There were lots of people bathing! The water is with a high content of iron of about +35C.
28sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgIn a couple of days we passed again by those places and decided to look at the "Fire Beach" ("Praia do Fogo"), which is located in the town of Riberia Quente.
It’s an interesting beach. Its sand is warm. There are underground hot springs... The sand is cold at the water's edge, and it’s warm a little further. That’s great! In winter, you can lie on this warm sand and bask. And the towel will dry up quickly. It’s so usefully!
29sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgIn general, I advise you to go there. The road is very beautiful. You will pass a tunnel, which is divided into two parts, and there’s a waterfall inbetween! It’s so beautiful!
Let me say few words about the beaches.
There are various beaches. Basically, there are semi-natural swimming pools, which are plenty along the coast. The beaches are well equipped – there are toilets, showers, etc. Locals like those beaches very much))).
30sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgThere are such small beaches "for two"...
31sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgAnd there are bigger ones...
The biggest and definitely the best beach on Miguel is "Agua de Alto". The sand is gray but small and soft. The water is clear, it was +22C, when we were swimming there. It was quite good))). 
32sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgAll around the island, there are areas for recreation, special places for a picnic, or something of the sort.
33sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg34sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg35sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg36sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg37sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg38sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgThe landscapes began to change inside the island closer to the lake

Lagoa do Fogo

39sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg40sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg41sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgAnd then we saw the lake. It is called the "Fire Lake" due to the fact that the clouds are constantly swirling over it like smoke. The lake is located in the crater of the "sleeping" volcano. There’s only silence, no people, and the wilderness around.
This lake is the only lake on the island, where one can swim. Unless someone wants... The water is about +15C.
One can get to that lake only by picturesque foot paths.
42sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg43sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg44sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg45sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg46sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgThere are waterfalls on the island. This is not far from Ribeira dos Calderoes.

47sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgSometimes we went to various towns. This one is called


This is a cozy center with cafes, known for its "Fofas", terribly similar to eclairs...


48sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg49sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg50sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgDuring our stay on the island (8 days) the sun was shining only the first 2 days (((And it was raining few times for 2-3 hours. The rain was real, tropical. All the rest time, it was just cloudy, warm (+24C), and quite humid, especially in the mountains. But the weather was comfortable. If it was +27C or more, then I think it would be worse...
51sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgWe went to Nordeste on our way. I bought some honey there))). It’s the best on the island, and very ecological.
52sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg Here are other parts of the review:
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Author: o-l-g-a-r-i
Translated by: Zoozi

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