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Sao Miguel. The Azores. P3

o_l_g_a_r_i • 5 minutes read • August 13th, 2016
I continue telling about the trip to the Azores.
Also, we went to the Serra da Tronqueira Preserve, which is situated away from the coast. 
53sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgIt was so quiet in the forest, that even the birds singing wasn’t heard. There was no rain, but it was so humid, that the drops were falling from the leaves. This forest has the remains of the former "laurel" forest, which has been preserved only in Macaronesia in Europe. The remaining forests have disappeared in Europe even during the Ice Age. Macaronesia, by the way, means "the islands of happiness" and includes in addition to the Azores – the Canary Islands, Madeira and Cape Verde.
54sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg55sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgI must say a few words about the "azulejos" – the decorations of tiles, which in general are typical for Portugal, but it’s really plenty here on the island. Almost every house has it hanging over the front door.
56sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg57sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg58sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgThis is a kind of the element of decoration in all the churches.
59sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgDifferent fountains are also decorated with tiles. In short, it’s everywhere and on everything...
60sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgNow I’m going to tell a little about the city of

Ponta Delgada

, which is a very small town, with a lot of tourists, but it’s clean and cozy. 
Here are the streets.


across the island look one into another very much. 
63sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg64sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgDespite its small size, the city has different industrial plants – a tobacco processing plant, sugar factory, and a brewery. But everything is very small.
There is a fortress on the right side of the port, which was built in the 16th century as a defense against pirates.
65sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgUnfortunately, the city waterfront was rebuilt at the time of our arrival:(. It is going to be widened, but I would leave its previous form.
This is it 30 years ago. Does it really seem to Venice?
66sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgAnd here’s its nowadays view...
67sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgThere are several parks in Delgada. We were only in one of it (the bigger one was closed for restoration) - Jardim Antoni Borges. This is a small, but cozy park with huge old trees.
68sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgAnd in general, to be honest, half a day is enough to see the city.
69sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg70sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgI also want to say few words about the paved ways on Miguel.
The paved ways on the Azores are commonly a real true work of art (of basalt and limestone), called "Arte pisada". It is more 200 years old.
71sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg72sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg73sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgYou can go by this bus around the island. 
74sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgI have already written about pineapples. Anyway, I repeat – it’s delicious!
75sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgTalking a little about the restaurants... I liked the bar Do Colegio 27! There’s "live" music playing, and some of the jazz music, the fado, something African. Well, it’s a very cozy place!!! And the food was great there.
There is a lot of restaurants in

Ponta Delgada

. Some offer cheap "lunch" for 6-7 euros (as of 2010), including "salad+main course to choose +a glass of wine". 
Once we dined in "Casa Acoreana". I also recommend it! It’s cheaper, however, it’s tasty as well.
76sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg77sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg78sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg79sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg80sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg81sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg82sao-miguel-the-azores.jpg83sao-miguel-the-azores.jpgI remembered one detail. There’re quite cheap trips to Brazil. I do not remember the price, but I liked it very much))). So you can go there, if you have some free time))).
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Author: o-l-g-a-r-i
Translated by: Zoozi

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