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Sardinia, The Italian Resort

Oleg Lenkov • 3 minutes read • February 11th, 2017
1sardinia-the-italian-resort.jpgAs for me, I was bored in


...I never understood why this island is so popular among the Italian elite. Yes, maybe because the local beaches are the cleanest in Italy, and the water is the most transparent + resort is famous for its respectable hotels, but this is not enough.
2sardinia-the-italian-resort.jpgI didn't feel there that special atmosphere that attracts the tourists to come to Italy.
3sardinia-the-italian-resort.jpg4sardinia-the-italian-resort.jpgAmong all the possible options for sightseeing, we decided to visit the ancient Phoenician city of Nora (or rather what was left of it).
5sardinia-the-italian-resort.jpgThe city was built in the Phoenician era and existed for more than a century. Its decline began somewhere at the turn of the third century A.D.
6sardinia-the-italian-resort.jpgThe remains of the fortifications built in the era of the Roman Empire have been preserved.
7sardinia-the-italian-resort.jpg8sardinia-the-italian-resort.jpgThe watchtower built in the 15th century served as a reliable protection against the Saracens.
9sardinia-the-italian-resort.jpgThis tower offers spectacular views of the ancient ruins of the city.
Author: Oleg Lenkov
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