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Scandinavian Venice

Sergey Dolya • 5 minutes read • March 23rd, 2016


is a beautiful town in Norway. 

What is so captivating about 

Alesund city

? It is located on the strait between the mainland, where colorful houses are cozily settled on a small piece of land. Many of these houses actually hang above the water, hence its link to Venice. If you climb to the top of the observation deck, you will be able to see the entire town in all of its splendor.

An aerial view:

Alesund Norway

is one of the few remaining towns built in the 'Art Nouveau' style. This is a major attraction for tourists from all over the world as well as the home of 40 residents: 

Aksla Hill rises above the town, with 418 steps lead to its peak and the observation deck:

A close-up of one of the steps:

A wooden post on the observation deck allows visitors to have their picture taken in front of the strait, unobstructed. However, the selfie-stick seems to render this post unnecessary:

In true Parisian style, a bridge is home to love locks:

Initially, Alesund was an ordinary town comprised of mostly wooden structures. However, in 1904, a fire that started in the town plant eventually burned down most of town, leaving 10,000 people homeless. 

Architects from Europe, during the Art Nouveau period, re-built the town to reflect this distinct style:

The ship shown below is the first Norwegian car ferry with a carrying capacity of 2 cars. It now stands as a monument:

The lighthouse acts as the honeymoon suite for a local hotel:

Monument in honor of local historian Harald Grytten, who created a guide to all the monuments in the town.

Monument of Rollo, founder of the town and of the Norman dynasty to which King William the Conqueror belonged:

Cinema in the old stone tower:

The Opera House whose walls read the score of the 'Four Seasons' by Vivaldi:

The narrowest house in Alesund. It does not have stairs and you can only enter through the neighboring house. The original owner did not have enough money for more land but still wanted to build a home:

Monkey Puzzle tree:

Alesund has the largest oceanarium in Northern Europe, the "Atlantic Sea Park". It stands directly on the coast and is a great attraction for children:

Kids below experiment with "dams" - block that can stop the water from flowing in certain directions:

Another great feature involves digging through sand to expose the skeleton of a whale. At night, the employees bury it back!


'Catch the crab'. Placing a piece of shrimp or fish on a clip to catch crabs. Great for kids but only operates for two hours a day:

There's also an aquarium where you can touch marine life, such as the starfish pictured below:

Aquarium of eels:

The main show is the cod feeding - Visitors gather to see native cod being served their daily meals:

A diver descends into the aquarium with a bag of fish while the announcer reads a short lecture to the audience:

When the meal is over, the diver swims up to the glass and communicates with kids through gestures:

The scenery is breathtaking:

Tracking a walk around the town:
Author: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Gian Luka

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