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Sea Cruise on Costa Magica. P.2

3boi • 5 minutes read • April 3rd, 2017
Let's continue our tour of Costa Magica (Sea Cruise on Costa Magica. P.1)!
No one is obliged to put on formal attire. Although it's so nice, when you are surrounded by elegantly dressed people in the restaurant.

There's a children's menu. It consists mainly of pasta or spaghetti.

You can eat on the ship 12 hours a day. Starting at 6 am, a table with tea and rolls is served for early birdies. Then breakfast, which turns into lunch. After lunch there is a snack and an hour long break. Then dinner begins. After dinner, if you have a rapid metabolism and want to eat again, you can sit until 11 pm and eat pizza with juice, tea till you're blue in the face for a nominal fee of 3 euros.

There are many fruits, we ate mainly them. Seafood was served only once for 10 days. Surprisingly, there were no olives.


For 10 days, food became a bit boring. Breakfasts and dinners did not change much. However, this is just a grumbling :)

The cabins are spacious, they were cleaned 3 times a day. After a few days we asked not to clean so often, one time a day would be enough.

When settling, each member of the cabin got a magnetic card that laid on a bed. It's the key and means of payment. It is necessary to put a deposit there, at least a minimal one. If it's not spent at the end of the voyage, it is returned.

Every day we found a program for the next day on our bed. Program for our kid was put in a special mail box near the cabin. He was really glad to receive a letter.

Theater. It offered new shows every night: both humor and acrobats, opera and plays. There are enough seats for everyone, but you should reserve the best seats in advance.


Here's an example of the program in four languages.

Culinary show with a tasting.

After the next competition, passengers were brought hamburgers with sausages.

Here's what the passengers usually do.

Dancing in the lobby in the evening.

Theme nights.

Sport tournaments.

Intellectual games :)

Photos of you for sale. They are expensive, prices are reduced at the end of the cruise. It is not allowed to photograph (I took this picture on the sly).

At 5 o'clock in the evening, there's a runway show. You can buy everything in the evening.

Of course, there are Latin dances, dances, dances. It is easy and funny to practice them.

Curving master class.

Father is training together with his son, in order not to get out of shape.
If to sum up, it's not stressful, it's interesting. It's an excellent alternative to the resorts. There's the sun and fruits, the sea and fresh air, a lot of entertainment, children's club and a great bonus - different cities and countries. We liked it! In the future we are going to try a new itinerary.
Author: 3boi
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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