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Selada da Baleia

Natural sights
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Selada da Baleia (Cape Verdean Creole: Selada da Baléa) is a valley in the eastern portion of the island of São Vicente. The mountain are accessed with a rural and unused unearthened road that link with Madeiral and Praia Grande.



The valley's soil colour are light brown to brown and is made up of rocky ledges, some ledges are colored white. It is made up of grasslands that fill the entire valley. Several streams or ribeiras dominate the valley along with one of the island's major stream in the middle that empty into the Atlantic. Monte Verde lies to the north and a part of the valley is part of that mountain.


The mountain offers a panoramic view of the eastern portion of the island that is only its grassy plain to the east and its beaches as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

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