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Senegal. The Main City.

Mike Seryakov • 5 minutes read • February 14th, 2017
Africa is an unforgettable continent. Well, or as my friend says - "a paradise for a photographer". Those who have never been to Africa haven't discovered something, haven't tried it. It's like to know about the existence of the young French wine "Beaujolais", but never drink it. The North countries, such as Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and so on, as well as the "paradise islands" like Mauritius or Seychelles, are not Africa for me.
Although these countries geographically are part of the continent, you won't find the African spirit there.

I prefer to visit Africa at least once a year. There are many countries and lots of places to see. Today I'd like to write about Senegal - one of the most interesting countries in West Africa.

We are in


- the main city of Senegal. Here's a bread shop. On the right you can see "French bread" laying "almost on the sand".
Senegal is a former French colony and French is the official language spoken by all the Senegalese.
Football is one of the main sports in Senegal. "Stadiums" are in almost every town and all the Senegalese boys play football, unlike the Senegalese girls.
In Dakar, as well as throughout Senegal, is a great number of old French cars, mostly the makes of "Renault" and "Peugeot", but there are also "the prospering Senegalese".
Senegalese women on the streets.
Animal-drawn transport in Dakar is not uncommon, but rather pretty usual.
We should note that, as a rule, "top-rated cars", like the one located in the background, mostly belong to the French living here.
Women got used to wear everything on their heads. I've already seen this in Botswana.
The Senegalese love to paint their buses in different colors, which reminded me of the Philippines capital. Some passengers move free on the back board of a shuttle bus.
Here are football grounds in


You can buy local watermelons everywhere.
Sheep sometimes are tied to the road signs.
Police officers have quite modern motorcycles. In general, I would call Senegal the most secure country in the West African region. The situation is somewhat less secure in neighboring Guinea, Mali, Niger, Sierra Leone, Liberia. I honestly recommend this African country as an alternative to Egypt, for example.
Such open door of the shuttle bus doesn't bother anyone at all in Senegal.
I have not seen this before. "Mobilet" is a small low-power moped with pedals like a bicycle has. I decided to ride it once.
Mitsubishi actively promotes its jeep "Pajero" in Senegal.
People easily ride such cars and do not bother about the "scratches" on the rear fender.
Here's the Dakar car service.
All taxis are on the move, but some require a "small cosmetic repairs".
Senegal is a Muslim country. 80% of people are the Muslims, 15% are the Catholics and 5% - the atheists. There are many mosques throughout the country and you can find them almost in every city.
Trucks are mainly French and of the past generations. Senegalese "schtick" - they make a bumper guard in the form of an icon of the French automaker - "Reno". Why don't they try to make "Peugeot"? It would be more interesting....
I have never seen piled baobabs.
Khassimov President. However, one of the most famous people from Senegal is the singer Youssou N'Dour, once famous for the song "7 seconds". Now he is the Minister of Culture of Senegal.
Here are some pictures of Dakar in the evening.

Large African cities also have traffic jams in peak-hours.
This is one of the central squares of the city, where each column has the image of the flag of some African country.
The Senegalese were preparing for the New Year. They surrounded the area with the Christmas tree with barbed wire. Just in case.
There is the monument called "

Le Monument de la Renaissance africaine

" - it is one of the main attractions of the city and it is only a 10-15 minute drive from the international airport of Dakar.
Author: Mike Seryakov
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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