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Seoul. South Korea. P.1.

Sergey Dolya • 4 minutes read • April 15th, 2016

In a week I'm flying to North Korea. On the eve of this trip, I decided to write about my visit to the South Korean capital 


 at the end of March this year.

I spent only 3 nights in 


. Exactly the nights, because during the day I was all the time in negotiations. Therefore, the photos are mainly of night Seoul. Also I want to warn that some information was already erased from my memory, so this time there will be less text than usually:

I arrived at the daytime. I had 3 hours before the first business dinner. Despite the terrible desire to sleep, I went to the city center to the royal palace.

Theatrical guards stood at its entrance to attract tourists. Despite how severe they look, you could easily take a picture with them:

Local "Mount Fuji" was visible behind the walls:

Many people in Korea tuck pants in socks. I did not understand that fashion. It looks funny:

Very young officers were walking around the palace:

At the entrance entrepreneurial moto-merchant was selling cotton candy:

Then I came to the main pedestrian street of 


. Of course, I do not remember what it was called:

There I saw the local street food trade for the first time. It made such an impression on me that I continued to take pictures of such stalls during the whole trip:

Usually, it looks like that. A small stall with provisions stands under a piece of polyethylene. You can duck under it, buy a "meal", and then eat it at the "bar." In this picture a man is a bar visitor:

Whatever they are selling smells terribly:

On the street you can easily buy a variety of pirated CDs:

There are a lot of places for computer gaming:

There are night ATMs next to them:

By the way, I forgot to tell you about the mobile communication in South Korea. Here you can find only 3G. I was upset at first that I was left without connection since my iPhone stubbornly did not want to cling to the local operators. But then I remembered about the old Nokia which I brought with me just in case, and I immediately got connected.

They have a problem with parking in Seoul. There is not enough space for it. So the parking lots are automated and multi-storey. You drive on the pallet, get out of the car, and they lift it up:

Author: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Gian Luka

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