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Seychelles Is The Main Island Of Mahe

Sergey Dolya • 5 minutes read • April 15th, 2016
So we got to the last review about 


. It will be dedicated to the largest and the most densely populated Mahe Island. We flew over it by helicopter, studied hotel infrastructure in the 

Beau Vallon bay

, and took a walk in the center of the capital. What else can be seen in 


The airport is the first thing you see:
The most convenient way to get to the Seychelles is by plane:
It seems there is no military aircraft in the Seychelles. Only civil aircraft is in the vaults of the airport, and it doesn’t seem that a military base has its own airport:
Returning from the fishing trip, I saw a beautiful scene of a plane taking off in the rays of light:
In general, during our stay on the islands, the weather was excellent. Sometimes leaky clouds appeared, but for short while:
Roads on the island are high (towards the ground), and there are no curbs. Please note, there is a deep drain line on the side. Your wheel can easily get there. I have not seen such cases, but people say it happens often:
Many hotels are built in the form of villas:
Reception has an ocean view, the main asset of the Seychelles:
There are many yachts and boats on the island. The owners of some vessels just anchor them in the lagoon, and swim to the shore:
Foreigners buy up yachts and villas, locals, on the contrary, have more modest boats:
Earlier the islands of the archipelago were a haven for pirates, who hid their treasures there. Each year treasure seekers come to the Seychelles hoping to dig up old chests with gold. Pegs in the middle are their marks:
I must say, sometimes someone really manages to find a treasure. But finding it is only half of the problem. According to the laws of Seychelles, the lucky person has a right to less than 25%, only in the event that the treasure is not considered to have a historical value. One family found old maps and dug out gold bars under this tree. The government announced it to be a historical heritage and seized it:
Now there is a cafe and a souvenir shop in that place:
A pirate’s alley runs to the ground. People say when one of the pirates died, a tree was planted:
Some “pirates” have grown so much that a root system is visible:
Here’s a view from the observation site:
Seychellois people go to the forest to pick pineapples, which grow without any outside cultivation:
There are no freshwater springs on the island, but there are freshwater makers and tanks for rainwater:
Here’s a tea tavern, which is always closed for some reason:
There is a variety of beaches. Sometimes the tide brings algae ashore, but it doesn’t stink and doesn’t ruin the swimming:
This is a beach in front of the hotel. A girl makes a heart with her fingers, and a boy tries to take a photo of the setting sun inside of it. It is charming:
This is a  mobile cafe for tourists:
It's a ring-road of the island. Englishmen began to build it:
Houses on the shore of the island:
Here’s a couple of airview shots. The Praslin island is visible on the horizon. Before it took three days for pirates to sail there, and now a ferry gets there in an hour:
It's the St. Anne islet:
This is the "Paradise Island":
When palms are on the shore, they tend to lean toward the water. Why is that? In fact, it’s not related to the water, a palm "resists" the wind in such a way:
There’s a nice sunset view on the Beau Vallon beach:
This is a “Northern” hotel.
A photo of the sunrise on the Seychelles.
That’s all. Tomorrow I'll start telling you about France!
Author: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Gian Luka

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