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Shanghai Maglev Museum

History and museums
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The Shanghai Maglev Museum is a museum that highlights the history of the Shanghai Maglev Train and other related maglevs. Opened in 2007, it is located at the Longyang Rd Station of the Shanghai Maglev in Shanghai, China.


The museum is composed of five sections. The sections are "Birth of the Maglev", "Maglev Shanghai Line", "Maglev Technology", “Maglev Superiorities”, and "Prospects For The Maglev. The museum exhibits interactive exhibits including Transrapid Assemble Game, and Cycling. The museum has lots of models of the Shanghai Maglev.

Birth of the Maglev

The section named "Birth of the Maglev" describes how the maglev technologies were started. It includes models of the first maglevs.

Maglev Shanghai Line

The section named "Maglev Shanghai Line" describes the history of the Shanghai Maglev. Many models are located in this section.

Maglev Technology

The section named "Maglev Technology" describes the modern technology of the maglev.

Maglev Superiorities

The section named "Maglev Superiorities" describes the advantages of the maglev.

Prospects For The Maglev

The section named " Prospects For The Maglev" describes the future of the maglev. The interactives Transrapid Assemble Game and Cycling are located on this exhibit.

Gift Shop

The museum has a gift shop where the souvenirs are exhibited on the platform of the maglev and you pay at the museum ticket desk.


Admission is 10¥but is free to those who ride the maglev.


The museum was opened on 8/16/2007.


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