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Shanghai Metro Museum

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The Shanghai Metro Museum (Chinese: 上海地铁博物馆, Pinyin:shànghǎi dìtiě bówù guǎn) is a museum about the Shanghai Metro, located near the Ziteng Road Station of a branch of the Shanghai Metro Line 10. The museum consists of 3000 square meters. There are simulators, dioramas, and a 5D cinema.



The major exhibits in the museum are the metro simulator, dioramas, the walk through a mock-up subway tunnel, and a 5D cinema.


The diorama shows what it looks like when Line 1 passes over Line 2. Inside it, there is a model of a pair of empty shoes. They are a memorial to the metro fatalities that happened before there were platform screen doors.

5D Cinema

The 5D cinema shows a display of what to do when the metro train catches fire in a station.


The simulator is a simulator of driving the Shanghai Metro train. If you exceed 80 km/h ,the simulator will activate the emergency stop. If this happens, the person in the simulator will have to press a restart button before you can accelerate.


There is a working model of Line 4 in the museum. It is not very accurate because the train is above ground and it never passes under the Huangpu River.

Interactive Touch Screen Game

The interactive touch screen game is a game to touch all dangerous items on transportation devices. There is also one where you find subway stations.

Walking Experience Through Subway Tunnel

This museum gives visitors an experience to walk through a mock-up subway tunnel. The floors are glass with mock-up rails under it. There is also a small model of a digger that is used to excavate metro tunnels.

Drawings of Disasters

There are drawings of transport disasters in the hall of the museum.


There are exhibits that show how the SMT Shanghai Maglev works.

Gift Shop

There is a gift shop inside the museum. There are Shanghai Metro Mascot Chang Chang pillows, Shanghai Metro map umbrellas, carpets, soft toys, pencil cases, and caps.


The museum is located at 1779 Wuzhong Lu, near Ziteng Lu, Changning district. The location is easily accessed by Metro Line 10 Ziteng Road station. The museum is built over China Railways tracks.

Open Hours

The museum is open to individuals on Tuesday only. The museum is also opened Wednesday through Friday, but for group reservations only.


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