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Short Visit To Haifa City, Israel

lavagra • 4 minutes read • March 5th, 2017
1adventures-in-haifa-city-israel.jpgWe spent less than one day in the Israeli city of


. We didn't have enough time to see the local attractions, and I can not say whether I liked this city, although we will remember it for a long time. Let me tell you about this in details in this review.
2adventures-in-haifa-city-israel.jpgWe arrived in this city in the late evening.
3adventures-in-haifa-city-israel.jpgDue to its particular location, Haifa can be considered an international city. It is built on the slopes of ancient

Mount Carmel

, which is mentioned in the biblical sources, and close to the Mediterranean bay. The traces of many peoples who lived there in different times can be found in the city.
4adventures-in-haifa-city-israel.jpgSo, our hotel was located in the neighborhood Adar. It is considered the first Jewish quarter of Haifa, where traditionally immigrants from different countries settled. It is located exactly between the historic center and the port. At first glance, it seems to be a safe and comfortable place. But in reality, our hotel was in a pretty frightful area. In the evening, there are almost no tourists, but we noticed a lot of the Arab youth and suspicious personalities.
5adventures-in-haifa-city-israel.jpg6adventures-in-haifa-city-israel.jpg7adventures-in-haifa-city-israel.jpg8adventures-in-haifa-city-israel.jpgThe restaurant of the hotel was closed due to the special service. Although, despite Saturday Shabbat, we quickly found a twenty-four-hour shop.

10adventures-in-haifa-city-israel.jpgThe dawn was admirable. All the city of Haifa was visible from the window of our room, spread before the eyes...

12adventures-in-haifa-city-israel.jpgI think that seeing the city from above, you can understand its beauty. Carmelite monks realized it many centuries ago and then founded a monastery there. Almost the whole city can be seen through on the observation deck next to the still existing historical monument.
13adventures-in-haifa-city-israel.jpgThe creators of the legendary

Baha'i Gardens

made the gardens look perfect from above, have a right multi-faceted geometric figure, descending down to the sea with flat terraces shrubs and correct figures of the flower beds.
14adventures-in-haifa-city-israel.jpgUNESCO has long recognized these gardens to be the World Heritage Site, and this is the main attraction for tourists in Haifa.
15adventures-in-haifa-city-israel.jpgMoreover, the locals are well aware of the value of the city plan, making the area atop of the Mount Carmel to have the most expensive real estate, boutiques and a large park for walks.
16adventures-in-haifa-city-israel.jpgTwo towers "Panorama", a kind of a visiting card of the city, are visible from almost any place in Haifa.
17adventures-in-haifa-city-israel.jpgAs I said, we did not have enough time to explore the city in detail, so we could only admire it from these numerous observation decks. Honestly, there was something to feast eyes on!
18adventures-in-haifa-city-israel.jpgThe city is worth visiting for a day or two. I think that Haifa won't leave anyone indifferent!
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