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Sibelius Monument. This Is Not An Organ, This Is A Forest

Nefer • 4 minutes read • December 22nd, 2016
This sculpture really impressed me. The monument, 

Sibelius Monument,

 was created by Eila Hiltunen. The construction is situated in the middle of a park in 


. Sibelius used to live nearby when he was young, there's also a street named after him. The memorial was opened in September 1967, on the 10th anniversary of his death.
Jean Sibelius is a famous Finnish composer. He is the author of the unofficial anthem of Finland, banned during the time of Nicholas II. Helsinki Academy of Music was named after him and the Finns really honor him.
Many people think that this is an organ. In fact, this is a forest. Sibelius took his inspiration from nature and loved to walk. When the wind blows, the pipes sing - they say, this is "music by Sibelius".
Eila Hiltunen worked on the sculpture for several years.
The park had access to a bay. We were lucky with the weather, 


pleased us with a sunny fall day.
There is the Olympic Stadium nearby. It was built to hold the 12th Olympic Games in 1940. However, World War II began, and events were canceled. In 1952, the stadium became the scene of the 15th Summer Olympics. In addition to sporting events, you can also attend live music performances at the stadium. I was attracted by the tower, standing at 236 feet (72 meters). There is an observation deck at the top.
Unfortunately, the stadium was under renovation until 2019.
There was also a monument to Paavo Nurmi, known as "The Flying Finn". He was a Finnish runner, a nine-time Olympic champion, and held the largest number of Olympic medals in the history of athletics. He brought Finland all of these victories and achievements.
What a pity! Why did they start repairs right now?
In the next article I'll tell you about the free observation deck in the center of Helsinki (Free Torni Observation Deck And Rest-Room Overlooking Helsinki).
Author: Nefer
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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