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Silent Disco and Glow Party: 8 Most Exciting Cruise Theme Parties and Nights Not to Be Missed

5 minutes read • July 10th, 2020
We all know that a cruise is not just a fun and educational adventure, an all-inclusive vacation, and good food. It's also brilliant entertainment and endless joy. And various

cruise theme parties

and nights is one component of this joy. Just imagine a silent disco or a glow party right in the middle of the ocean. Well, this sounds intriguing, doesn't it?
We already mentioned some of them when we talked about a cruise dress code of various cruise lines. Today we are going to make a list of the most exciting cruise theme nights in more detail. Are you ready?
Cruise theme party
Photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises

MSC Cruises: Flower Glory Party
Bright, blooming, and glowing – it's all about the MSC Cruises Flower Glory Party. Find yourself among happy and carefree hippies, dance to your favorite hits of the 70s, feel the moment.

Azamara Cruises: White Night Party
This is not just a dancing event but also a dining one. Enjoy signature dishes and boutique wines, greet the crew, sing, and dance. Be sure to pack your favorite white outfits.

Carnival Cruise Line: 80s Rock-N-Glow Party
This party is about fun, energy, dancing contests, lip sync battles, bright outfits, neon lights, and your favorite music, of course. Are you ready to head back to the 80s? Don't forget about your big hair.

Celebrity Cruises: Silent Disco
This is certainly one of the most incredible cruise parties. Put on special headphones, choose one of the three music channels, throw away your troubles and worries – and dance the night away.
Yes, this looks a little unusual but terribly exciting.

Royal Caribbean Cruises: 70s Disco Inferno
It's time for platform shoes, bright clothing, disco balls, and groove that will make the world dance. It's time for the 70s Disco Inferno.

Norwegian Cruise Line: Glow Party
When packing for the NCL cruise, be sure to take white or neon clothes and a couple of LED gadgets for the exciting Glow Party right under the stars. Hot club music, fantastic atmosphere, a gloving ship - you just have to become part of this celebration of dance.

P&O Cruises: Gatsby Party
The Flapper dress and headpieces, the lounge suit and flat cap, jazz, champagne, live music – it's going to be a night of glamour, dances, cocktails, and fun. By the way, you'll also get an opportunity to learn how to dance the Charleston and even create your unique headpiece.

Disney Cruise Line: Pirate Night
We can say without a doubt that all cruise lovers have heard about this cruise event. A pirate-themed dinner, games and contests, a fantastic deck party, and even the most exciting fireworks at sea... This special night is not to be missed on Disney cruises.

And what is your favorite cruise theme party? Please share your experience in the comments.

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