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Singapore. P.2.

Sergey Dolya • 4 minutes read • November 17th, 2015
On the territory between the

Marina Bay Sands

and the sea is a giant

Botanical garden


Plenty of plants has been already purchased for the Park and they are waiting for their turn for planting:

Marina Barrage is a dam that separates salt water from fresh. After its construction in 2008,


got a huge reservoir of fresh water:


Locals love to come here for a picnic:

View of the city from the dam:

Could not resist - another panorama from the balcony of the Swissotel, for you finally to got the idea about the geography of Singapore:

Here takes place the Singapore leg of the Formula 1:

At the foot of the Ferris wheel you can take a Ferarri or a Lamborghini for $300 for 15 minutes and drive on the track of Formula 1:

As in Seoul, they love different gadgets here:

The Fullerton Hotel is a former English Central Post Office from where Singapore started:

On this place on 28 January of the year 1819 landed Sir Thomas Stamford Raflfes, that changed the fate of a small fishing village, turning it into the largest port and modern metropolis:

Singapore is the second country in the world in terms of population density. On a small plot of land here live 5 million inhabitants, 80%  of which are Chinese, 10 Malays (from neighboring Malaysia) and 8 - Hindus. There are Indian, Arabic and Chinese temples in the city:

Indians have everything fun and colorful:

Chinese were preparing for the celebration of their Chinese New Year:

Arabs in that day did not invited to visit them:

And only the tourists were lying in the massage parlour, giving their legs to the bites of small fish:
Author: Sergeydolya

Translated by: Gian Luka

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