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Singapore - Pearl Of Asia. P.2.

Uritsk Andrey • 5 minutes read • May 10th, 2016
Here is December 27 - today at 19:00 our ship will leave


and will start more than two days long sea passage to the Indonesian port of Makassar. And during the day before departure we have an opportunity to walk along Singapore or to go on a tour. Almost in all ports we took tours - it also happened so in Singapore: yesterday after the registration on board, we immediately signed up for the five-hour bus tour with the intriguing name of "The Spirit of Singapore". After getting up early in the morning and having a snack in the cafeteria, we go ashore and take a place in the bus.
The guide told many interesting things about Singapore, its history (including the period of the British sway that ended only in the 60s of the 20th century - British influence can be felt even now: the names of streets, squares, parks, buildings - almost all of them are in English (like "Orchard Road" or, for example, "

Raffles Place

"), the main language in Singapore is also English, but with a local dialect - not English, but, as the Singaporeans joke, SEnglish); the guide told about the further history of the tiny city-state, and about our time, when Singapore is one of highly developed countries of Southeast Asia. It was very interesting to learn about all this.
And here is the first stop - on a hill, which offers a beautiful view of the bay, where our ship stands, and of its surroundings.
Look, the ship called "Superstar Virgo" of the Star Cruises company is approaching the port of Singapore from the far sea.
In a small pool near the house on the hill pretty and sociable red fish is frisking.
We are going further...
And here is our next stop - this time we'll visit the famous

Singapore Botanic Gardens

, a unique natural forest area, taken under protection of the state. Here in the natural environment you can find thousands of species of trees, flowers and other plants, something like squirrels or some other native animals jumping on the branches of the trees, singing birds - it's such a nice hot summer... oh, I wanted to say, December day for walking in this wondrous park.
You can arrange a Sunday family picnic on some sites.
And here is the Orchid Garden...
Bubbles soar in the air...
And we sit on the bus and move on. This is a short stop in the historic center of Singapore. "Raffles Hotel" is the most beautiful and famous city hotel built in the 19th century. Previously British rulers often used to stay here. In the left wing of the "Raffles Hotel" there is the famous "Long Bar", where a tasty cocktail  with peanuts called "Sling" is served, and husk from nuts should be thrown on the floor (according to a long-standing tradition) - probably on hot December evenings harsh British commanders vacationing here did exactly the same. We will visit the "Long Bar" on the last day of the cruise, on 9 January. And now - here is the picture the "Raffles Hotel", made from the bus window.
Here is a couple of photos of the surroundings from the window:
Our next stop is at the mouth of the Singapore River. It offers a lovely view of the skyscrapers of downtown and of the river, park, of the Ferris wheel and of three high-rise buildings connected at the top with some kind of gallery being under construction on the bank. It's really beautiful!
Pleasure boats are plying on the river:
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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