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Singapore - Pearl Of Asia. P.3.

Uritsk Andrey • 6 minutes read • May 10th, 2016
The sun is really hot - and this is in December! And why did the girls decide to get a sunscreen? Of course, as soon as they heartily smeared themselves with that substance the sky became covered with clouds, it crashed from somewhere, and it became clear that it is better to retreat to the bus...
I must say, we did it just in time!
Despite the rain, the tour takes place according to the schedule: our next stop is in the


Chinese quarter.


" is "Chinatown" - specific buildings, picturesque narrow streets full of shops with different hellish fare, oriental music, incense, souvenirs. In general - it is interesting, colorful and unusual! In one shop we even decided to try a cocktail of freshly squeezed juice of some tropical fruits - it was very tasty!
It's raining. But there's such a strong wish to take pictures! Usually in such situations, photographing process is as follows: you choose the object of photographic art, take aim, run under the rain for a couple of seconds, press a button, and retreat back to the shelter!
On this the tour ends. We go back to the sea terminal where "Superstar Virgo", which we saw far away from the observation deck, already joined our liner.
Passenger terminal of Singapore is pretty large. There is even a children's park.
The bridge stretched across the bay, and such unusual cars of the local subway line ply on it.
And we also witnessed an unusual action in the port - the historic ship called "Doulos" under the accompaniment of music and applause from the crowd on the banks moved away from the pier. I must say that its flight was not as long as we thought - when our "Costa Allegra" left the harbor, we met "Doulos" standing at one of the nearby docks, just in a kilometer from the sea terminal. A quick search on the Internet allowed to find out a lot of interesting details about this ship.
"Doulos" was built in 1914 and it is the oldest existing ocean vessel, entered into the register of the Guinness Book of Records. During this time it worked under four different names - "Medina", "Roma", "Franca C" and "Doulos". The ship was twice capitally renovated. For almost a century long history "Doulos" was used as a merchant ship, a passenger ship transporting immigrants, as a cruise ship, and in 1977 the ship was bought by a non-profit charitable organization, and it is used for charitable voyages around the world - "Doulos" comes to ports of all five continents, dozens of countries, including very small islands in order to help people. Teachers, doctors, children from all over the world travel on this vessel. And on December 27, it left the port of


. This is a real luck that we were there at that time and were able to see this unique vessel!
"Douglas", "Costa Allegra" and "Superstar Virgo" - vessels of three epochs, three generations...
Well, it's time to board. In the sea terminal of Singapore I found a large model of the ship "Legend of the Seas"...
And here is our "Costa Allegra".
Here is the life boat drill on "Superstar Virgo" - then it'll also set sail soon.
But this will be after our departure. Before leaving the life boat drill also took place on our ship - we were shown the place of gathering, told how to put on and fasten life jackets, and then each of the travelers through individual electronic "Costa" card was registered in the list of the passengers that got through an instruction. In short, the issue of security on our ship was raised very seriously. And it is right.
At 19 pm MS "Costa Allegra" departed from the sea terminal of Singapore. Captain with his assistant and the local pilot were carefully monitoring the process...
Accompanied by tugs we are leaving the harbor of Singapore.
Here are first minutes of the cruise...
Here is well-known "Doulos".
We are slowly coming out into the open space - hundreds of ships remain off the harbor, the giant oil terminal of Singapore is extraordinarily impressive...
Meanwhile, big city lights are left further and further behind, the ship passes the huge pierhead and goes out to the sea. We are going to make a long passage across the Java Sea to the Indonesian port of Makassar, which is located in the southern part of the island of Sulawesi.
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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