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Singapore - Pearl Of Asia. P.4.

Uritsk Andrey • 4 minutes read • May 10th, 2016
Two weeks of wonderful cruise passed, and we again came back to


Here is the final morning of the cruise - big sun, rising over the horizon, brightly lit already familiar to us waters of the

Port of Singapore

- cruise was ended...
"Legend of the Seas" came to Singapore before us and already stood at the pier...
We are entering the bay, where the passenger terminal is situated...
We are passing a historic ship called "Doulos", about which I've already told you.
With the help of tug boats we moor near "Legend of the Seas".
The last morning at the equator - the sun, rising higher above the horizon, illuminates the city with the golden light.
On the bridge, our Captain is animatedly talking about something with a local pilot and with a senior security officer.
That's all. Yesterday in the evening we received our passports with a rich collection of stamps with added Indonesian visa and stamps of Thailand (Malaysian stamps for some reason were not added). And now - we leave the ship, pass through Singapore customs and go to the airport. Our plane departs after midnight, so there is still a whole day. At Singapore Changi Airport there is a baggage room where we left things, and then returned to the city.
If to divide the price for a taxi for four, you'll get the cost of travel in the Singapore subway, but for fun, we decided to use exactly this kind of transport. Singapore subway is very comfortable, runs often enough, and it is equipped with air conditioning, that is very pleasant in terms of the year-round 30 degrees Celsius.
Here we got in the nice car.
And this is the look from the outside:
And here is the "

Raffles Place

" station - it's time to go out! We are in downtown Singapore now.
From here it is very close to the river, to which the historical part of the city formed under the British sway leads.
Old buildings, constructed by the subjects of Her Majesty the British Queen, are surrounded by modern skyscrapers, and this wonderful contrast of the old British architecture and cutting-edge high-rise buildings gives some special charm to the central part of Singapore!
Here's such a "small" bird:
To be continued.
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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