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Singapore - Pearl Of Asia. P.5.

Uritsk Andrey • 4 minutes read • May 10th, 2016
Pleasure boats are cruising on the 

Singapore River

We are going to the left bank of the river across the bridge.
The old and the new in


are close to each other. New skyscrapers are being under construction behind the old British quarters... But in spite of the rapid development of the city, the British influence is really felt here - the language, street names, right-hand traffic, architecture...
Here are business quarters of the city (Downtown Core)...
And in front of them there is the Singapore's colonial core. In the center of the picture you can see the building of the Supreme Court, the last building of the classic British style in Singapore.
And this is the Old Parliament House constructed in 1826-1827.
Here you can see the

Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall

, built in 1862 and named in honor of Queen of England.
And here is the bridge constructed in the 19th century and skyscrapers being under construction. British colonial past and rapidly developing economy of the current Singapore met here once again.
And here is the suspension bridge…
And wedding in Singapore...
The suspension bridge was built in 1868 by engineers from Glasgow...
And here are some modern sculptures: the first of them are the children, diving into water...
And the second is a cat with kittens...
Instead of safari we decided to ride on the Singapore Flyer. And it so great that it all came together! We arrived to the Ferris wheel just in time for sunset. And a view of Singapore, swimming in the evening sun - it's just an incredible sight! Singapore Flyer opened in 2007 and it is the highest Ferris wheel in the world with its 165 meters. The second Ferris wheel in terms of its height is in London (135 meters). So, we are going to look at Singapore from a bird's eye view!
On the Ferris wheel you can find the "banquet cabins"...
But we chose the common one...
And now, I think, it's better to show you pictures without comments... So, here is Singapore at sunset. Looking from the height...
The circle is over - it's time to land...
We spent remaining time in the famous "Long Bar", located in the "Raffles Hotel", the oldest and most famous Singaporean hotel with the history going from distant colonial times. According to the old tradition in this bar you can eat peanuts and throw the husk on the floor. And you should definitely try the local cocktail called "Sling". This cruise was really beautiful and undoubtedly successful...
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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