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Sitka - City, Where Alaska Was Sold. P.1.

Sergey Dolya • 3 minutes read • November 9th, 2015
On October 18, 1867, in


 Russia sold


to the USA for a half of cent per one hundred square meters. On the morning of that day 250 U.S. and 80 Russian soldiers gathered on the

Castle Hill

- small hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Double volley was given by cannons in honor of the Russian and American flags. Ceremony intended to descent the Russian flag and to rise the American one, but the Russian flag stuck at the top. A few soldiers tried to climb the flagpole and free the flag. Finally, one of the Russian soldiers managed to do it, then he dropped it, and the flag was blown away on the bayonets of the Russian soldiers. A muffled sigh swept through the ranks. The ceremony was followed by a rapid raising of the American flag. Representatives from each party gave a short speech, and one and a half million square kilometers of Alaska became owned by the United States of America...

In Sitka there is no dock capable of taking ocean liners, and we stopped in the roads. Ashore we were taken on the tenders:

Right next to the pier is the Castle Hill, where the ceremony of transfer of Alaska was held:

It is hung with shields, which tell about this event:

Orthodox Church is clearly visible from the Hill:

For the entrance to the Church everyone is asked to pay $2 per person:

Of course, in the Church American influence is really felt, starting with the American flag, for some reason hanging in front of the altar:

And ending with chairs, on which the parishioners sit during the service:
Author: Sergeydolya

Translated by: Gian Luka

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