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Sketches - Osaka And Kobe. P.1.

Barmoska • 4 minutes read • April 18th, 2016
Hey, everyone!
I offer you a small selection of photos on various topics taken before the New Year on the streets of 





Sometimes the dawn is very gloomy:

You don't even want to wake up on such a morning:

And sometimes, on the contrary, the sky is cloudless, and you want to jump out of bed as early as possible:

It is a good clear day on Rokko Island (

Kobe Japan


Mainland is connected with the island by a small branch of a mini-subway which cars don't have drivers. Everything is controlled automatically. Actually, I took these pictures from the driver's seat:

There are only three cars:

Here's a technologic bridge:

Everything is bent in different directions:

Here are multi-level junctions:

Such a nice residential house. But there are unrealistic monthly utility payments - they can reach 0.5-1% of the total value of the apartment:

The moon is getting out of the mountains:

During the December Momiji you can see such posters in the subway which are marked with the leaves indicating the current level of redness of foliage in a particular location. It is very convenient!

This tree is still covered with leaves:

Here is a farming stand:

Such a stylish phone box:

Here's the Umeda Sky Building:

Here's a female otaku. I do not know what kind of machine this is but there's always a line near it. It is probably connected to the online database or something like that. They take pictures of their characters hare and other different goodies:

There is always a tight parking at the Daiso:

Here's an outdoor store:

The old meets the new:

Someone was very thirsty:
Author: Barmoska
Translated by: Gian Luka

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